Changing our bus services will have a negative impact on young people

It’s important the parade continues – but safely

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Later this month, First Hampshire will be changing every single one of its bus services.

This will affect many young people as plenty of us use buses to commute around Portsmouth and get to and from college and school.

So will these changes be good or bad for us?

I’ve been talking to other young people about how they feel about the changes and many seem optimistic.

Young people around the UK – including those in Portsmouth – took part in a ballot recently to indicate what they feel are the priorities for them in the areas they live.

Making public transport cheaper, safer and accessible for all was voted as the number one priority.

I feel that changing our bus services will have a negative impact on young people in this area, even when you take into account the free Wi-Fi, and increased frequency of buses.

Young people use public transport to get us to anywhere and everywhere we want to go.

The reason is obvious – most of us can’t drive.

That’s why those of us involved with Youth Parliament have stood up and shared our feelings on these bus service changes.

And I’m pleased to say we have influenced some decisions made on how public transport works today in Portsmouth.

That’s why it is important we continue to stand up and have a voice. We really can make a difference.