Check the set list and you’ll find out when it’s safe to go to the loo

It’s important the parade continues – but safely

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Something struck me the other day about what would happen if you met real bona-fide rock stars.

If you see them performing at a gig and they say ‘hello’ to the crowd, you either scream ‘hello’ back, or you just cheer and whistle.

So, if you happened to be introduced to them at the pub and they said ‘hello’, should you do the same thing? Or would they think you were a bit mad?

Another thing about going to see a band I thought of is that, with the internet today, it’s really easy to check what songs the band you’re going to see will be playing.

Now, I always thought this was a bad thing because it took all the spontaneity out of going to see a live act. But my mate thinks it’s brilliant. And here’s why.

He’s realised that, if you know what songs a band’s going to be playing, you can fit your drinking and going to the loo around them. So, in the past if you’ve been a bit keen to go to the loo but have hung on at a gig in case you miss the band playing one of your favourite songs, now you can check the order and then nip to the loo and maybe to the bar again during one of their lesser-known songs or a song you’re not keen on.

He’s converted me completely. Oh, and another great thing about knowing the set list of a band. If you’re not a particular aficionado of the group or singer you’re off to see, rather than listening to all their albums before-hand so you actually know most of the songs being played, you only have to learn the ones they’re going to be playing.

You can look like a real expert, singing along and knowing all the tunes they play, even if you’ve only ever heard the 15 or so songs they’re going to be playing!

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