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New robotic super tills are set to replace the nation’s supermarket check-out workers after Tesco unveiled the innovative tills at one of its new Extra stores.

The theory is that the scanners built into the supersize check-outs automatically scan every item put on the conveyor belt, regardless of which way up it is, so removing the human element.

A normal worker takes up to three seconds to scan a single item, but the new hi-tech version can do the same job three times faster.

At the same time, customers will pack their items and pay automatically with a card, so allowing the entire process to be managed without the need for a shop worker.

But, if supermarkets till staff disappear, think of what we’ll miss. The friendly banter, ranging from ‘do you want help with your packing?’ to ‘any cash back?’.

Or the excitement of watching them try to enter the barcode number into the till without making an error after the item won’t scan.

Let’s keep the check-outs human not automated!

I saw recently that Noel Gallagher’s daughter has got herself a job as a children’s TV presenter.

Noel Gallagher’s daughter! You know you’re getting old when you see all these kids growing up around you.

I’m also seeing photos on Facebook of friends’ children on their ‘last day wearing the school uniform’. That makes you feel old too!

After hearing the news that Gary Barlow, Mark Owen and Howard Donald have allegedly been involved in tax avoidance, one thing struck me.

I can’t help thinking the taxman wouldn’t go after Take That quite so hard if they had been a rap group called The Crazy-Brain Psycho-Death-Killa Posse. This is why it’s important to name your group correctly!