Cheers for the support...and the unexpected hate mail

COMMENT: Timing could be better for under-fire commissioner

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After three years taking up the Monday column spot, today’s words are to be my last.

That’s right, I’m off to have a baby and expect my brain and body to shut down to the point of uselessness.

While it would be marvellous if that news plunged readers into a pit of despair, I imagine some will be glad to see the back of me.

In particular, the woman who wrote in to say I should be shot, the lady who once informed me I should be made to wear a paper bag over my head, the man who wrote to me for a month just to say he hated me, and the anonymous soul who prayed my husband would become an alcoholic and leave me.

I’m flattered you were paying so much attention.

And thanks to everyone else for the support.