Cheers! Here’s to all great dads

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I know from experience that fathers get fed up with the unfair stereotype that they are clueless about being a dad and just bumble their way through parenthood. The truth is that most dads, like most mums, do an amazing job. There are lots of ways that dads have been dumbed down over the years. It’s really not very difficult to find. Fathers are often portrayed as lazy, incompetent and stupid.

You can probably think of at least one television programme that personifies this type of father. Every day for the past 35 years these traits have been seen on television in the form of the yellow, bald-headed Homer Simpson. Now of course, Homer is just an animated comedy character (and a very funny one at that), but I believe the majority of dads are great – guiding, loving and doting and this weekend we celebrate those qualities.

So I’ll take this opportunity to wish my dad a happy Father’s Day for Sunday and give a nod to all the great fathers across Portsmouth who are helping end the misconception of the dumbed down dad.