Cheese thefts could be down to a pair of cracking culprits

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As a shopkeeper’s daughter, I’ve always been fascinated by shoplifters.

Not so much why they do it, but what they choose to steal.

Go to any magistrates’ court and food theft will often be the, erm, bread and butter business of the day.

Meat always used to be a particular favourite. You’d think people would be picky about what they put down their trousers, yet shoving legs of lamb and whole chickens down there was a much-used method.

But perhaps the world’s thieves have turned veggie – because cheese is now the most stolen food item.

Crikey, we really must be in economic meltdown if we can’t even get our hands on cheese in an honest manner.

Either that or Wallace and Gromit have got an awful lot of explaining to do.