Cheryl, can you please keep schtum?

Cheryl Cole
Cheryl Cole
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Oh, why did you do it Cheryl?

You’ve let the cat out of the bag and now the sisterhood knows your secret – and mine.

Cheryl Cole admitted recently that to maintain her flawless complexion, her favourite skin cream is a tub of £2 E45 moisturiser. Now it’s flying off the shelves.

Oh Chez ! Why couldn’t you do what I’ve done for over a decade.

When people comment on my ‘smooth as a baby’s bottie’ face, I give them a Mona Lisa-esque enigmatic smile.

It implies that I have knowledge of a secret elixir from the ancients.

But all my girliepals know that for years I’ve slapped on large dollops of cheap face cream and within seconds the ‘wrinkles’ have sucked it up.

Beauty secrets Ms Cole, are just that – secret.

So a word to the wise. Keep schtum in future, love.