Cheryl, don’t you forget us oldies

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Something for the Weekend’ is a natty little Portsmouth City Council media communication that’s been dropping into my e-mail box recently.

Included are a handful of weekend events, local news and traffic updates.

I’m particularly lovin’ these as they tell me where the roadworks are so I can avoid them.

It’s a super- duper modern idea, except for the name. Something for the weekend?

For people of my generation, this phrase has a rather different meaning.

Back in the1950s, being knee-high to a grasshopper, I’d accompanied my Pa to the local barbers.

As he was paying for his ‘short back and sides’, the barber enquired: ‘And will you be requiring something for the weekend sir ?”

Pa answered ‘no’ and nosy me chirped up: ‘What’s that Dad?’

The answer came back - ‘chocolate’.

Yeah, right.

Back then male protection was only whispered about, and kept ‘under the counter’ in barbers and chemist shops.

In those days many a young man, having gone into a chemist to purchase condoms, would come out with a bag of toilet rolls and shaving cream.

It was because he was too embarrassed to ask the lady shop assistant for what he really wanted.

How times have changed, eh? Now you see Durex displayed on shelves in various styles and flavours - including chocolate. Pa must be smiling on his cosmic cloud.

And finally...

I’m confident our new Lord Mayor Councillor Cheryl Buggy will do a grand job promoting Portsmouth and presenting the city in a positive light.

But she was quoted in last week’s News as saying: ‘There is so much potential in this city’s young people and our future depends on them.’

Well, that’s as maybe. But in the here and now there are loads of talented and valuable OLDER Pompey people.

So Cheryl and PCC, please don’t forget us in your positive promotion.