CHERYL GIBBS: A week of healthy eating and I ended up heavier!

Despite thinking she had lost weight, Cheryl was gutted to find out she'd actually put on half a stone      ''                                           Picture posed by model (Shutterstock)
Despite thinking she had lost weight, Cheryl was gutted to find out she'd actually put on half a stone '' Picture posed by model (Shutterstock)
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I have been on a diet since I was 14.

It began when I joined a gym with my dad and started working out.

Disheartening wasn’t the word – I wanted to kill somebody

As a teenager I had what you’d call ‘puppy fat’ but I’m not quite sure I can give it that label now.

Still, I manage my weight by sticking to the 5-2 principle.

From Monday to Friday I am generally good and on the weekend I’m a bit more relaxed.

I couple the diet with as much exercise as my busy work schedule allows.

However, I have put on just over a stone since we got married two and a half years ago.

It’s not a tragedy, but it’s something that needs addressing, and quickly.

I have been on a bit of a mission, not to diet, but to change what I eat slightly to include more healthy, natural foods than before.

Because I’m a vegetarian that should be easy, right? Erm…no.

Last Friday I had the shock of my life when I stepped on the scales and realised that I’d somehow put on half a stone since the week before!

Half a stone – seven pounds – and this was during the week when I replaced chocolate and crisps with nuts and fruit.

This was also the week I paid £10 to download the fitness and running app, Aaptiv, which allows you to follow audio training programmes with virtual personal trainers encouraging you along the way.

I was so confident in my efforts I weighed myself – something I don’t like to do very often because it can be very disheartening.

Well, disheartening wasn’t the word – I wanted to kill somebody.

So what did I do? I went and ate my body weight in tapas at Wickham Wine Bar that evening, drank two bottles of wine and followed that by dining at an Italian restaurant on Saturday.

Needless to say, I will not be weighing myself today.

Anyone out there who has ever battled with their weight will understand that gut-wrenching feeling when the scales tell you the complete opposite of what you were expecting.

It put me on a downward spiral all weekend.


Kim Kardashian and hubby Kanye West are about to become parents for the third time, apparently.

Kim suffered a serious, life-threatening medical condition – placenta accreta – during both her natural pregnancies.

So this time round they opted for a surrogate – if reports are to be believed. Kim and Kanye already have daughter North and son Saint so the news they’re expecting another girl will be welcomed by all.

The model and reality star was spotted earlier this week sporting an eye-popping black PVC dress at the Tom Ford fashion show in New York.

Although she received all the attention I’m sure she wanted with that fashion choice, she kept quiet over the baby rumours.

But where there’s smoke…


Holly Willoughby continues to wow fans by posting photos of herself on her social media accounts looking mighty fine and slim.

The This Morning host, who inadvertently became part of the gender pay gap row in TV recently, has been regularly posting images of herself looking noticeably slimmer and it’s not gone unnoticed by fans.

She looks amazing, I’ll give her that. And why wouldn’t you flaunt it if you’ve got it – I would.

I just want to know what she’s been doing, because she took the summer off from her hosting duties with Phillip Schofield and came back with this enviably slim and glowing figure. Good for her.

Just share your wisdom Holly, please!