CHERYL GIBBS: Christmas frenzy? I've got it licked this year

'˜We wish you a Merry Christmas, we wish you a Merry Christmas...' Well I do!

Thursday, 21st December 2017, 8:00 pm
Where did she get that hat? Cheryl's organised and ready to party.
Where did she get that hat? Cheryl's organised and ready to party.

Can you believe it’s here already? It’s such a cliché and one I’ve heard constantly in the past few weeks leading up to the big day.

But it’s so true – I genuinely cannot believe it’s Christmas Day on Monday and I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not.

On the one hand I’ve not been stressed about it – not in the least in fact, but I’m also not sure how comfortable I feel with the fact that by the time I write next week’s column it will all be over.

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Don’t get me wrong my house is decked nicely, the presents are wrapped and under the tree and it’s well, all rather civilised. Perhaps that’s the problem.

I’m so used to things being manic in the run-up, but this year it’s all just gone rather well to plan. Perhaps I shouldn’t speak too soon – Christmas isn’t even here yet!

I went to see my niece Hollie in her school nativity play at Clanfield School on Tuesday evening, which was great. She was Mary so I was so proud to watch her in her starring role.

I do miss that innocence about Christmas that I guess you only get when you’re a child yourself or you have children.

I remember it used to feel like it took a decade for the big day to arrive, but as you get older it goes so fast and it becomes more about having time off and relaxing then it does about giving presents.

But whatever you’re up to this holiday season I hope you have a fantastic one and just remember – if you’re lucky enough to be spending Christmas Day with people you love, that must be the best gift of all because there are so many people who don’t have that luxury.

So, just for a minute over the holidays, spare a thought for those less fortunate than our good selves.

Enjoy guys and I’ll see you on the other side!


Unfortunately I had to pay a visit to the Maxifacial department at Queen Alexandra Hospital this week.

It was an urgent appointment having spent all weekend in extreme pain suffering with oral lichen planus – a condition I’ve been diagnosed with recently that causes immense pain in the whole throat.

It might not sound much, but trust me the pain is real. It’s hard to eat, drink, swallow and talk – the latter being particularly hard for my good self!

I just want to say how great and how lucky we are to have the NHS. People often moan about it and I’m sure there are huge steps to go to improve it, but the quick turnaround I was offered and treatment given has meant I will hopefully have a relatively pain-free Christmas.

So, thank you NHS – something I’m sure they don’t hear very often.


Meghan Markle has certainly made her mark on the British monarchy.

Not only has she broken a million stereotypical traditions and protocols by, well, simply being her and being ‘allowed’ to marry the world’s most eligible bachelor – our Prince Harry, but also she will be breaking one on Christmas Day when she will be joining the Queen and the rest of the higher ranking royal dignitaries.

This is a huge deal – no other unmarried royal has been allowed to do this without being officially married into the family – not even Kate Middleton who had to be Prince Williams’s wife before this was allowed.

She’s already making big changes. I wonder what’s next?