CHERYL GIBBS: Darling, you really have to learn to pick your moments

Where on earth have the past two years gone?

Friday, 19th May 2017, 7:12 am
Updated Sunday, 4th June 2017, 9:33 pm
Jamie Foxx

Matt and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary on Tuesday and I honestly can’t believe how quickly time has flown by.

It’s such a cliche I know, but when I think about what has happened in such a short space of time, I can’t quite believe it.

We’ve got married, we’ve moved house, my sister had her first baby...the list goes on and on.

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It’s quite amazing really.

We went to stay at Norton Park Hotel in Winchester last Saturday as a way to mark the occasion and it was just what we needed.

We had more than our fair share of bubbly and food and spent quite a considerable amount of time using the spa facilities.

This was all good and wonderful until Matt made a serious faux pas.

There we were in the pool relaxing and generally enjoying ourselves when Matt asked if I’d stopped running lately.

Now, perhaps one can interpret this to mean a variety of things. But, given that I was in a bikini in a pool, I only interpreted it one way and I was not best pleased.

As you can imagine I tried very hard to conceal the anger that was bubbling from beneath (and it had nothing to do with the spa).

But we were there to celebrate our anniversary, so I remained calm, got out of the pool, slumped myself on a lounger and tried to put on my best ‘I’m mad as hell and you’ll get it, just not now’ face.

He instantly realised the error of his ways and, without addressing the issue direct, went and fetched me a glass of prosecco and spent the best part of the evening complementing me.

Anyway, we had a lovely weekend and I highly recommend the hotel as a place to stay should you wish to get away from it all without venturing too far afield.

I do feel genuinely very blessed to have someone by my side who is absolutely my better half and I hope we continue to have many more happy years together as husband and wife.

But note to Matt – make sure you pick your moments my darling, pick your moments.


Big news! Actors Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes are apparently dating.

The pair were together four years ago, but have since rekindled their romance to a point where it’s public knowledge (or more like they were spotted out and couldn’t deny it any longer).

Either way, they’re back on and I for one think they make a cracking pair.

After marriage to actor Tom Cruise ended in a bitter divorce, Katie seems to be relishing her new-found romance and good for her.

I can imagine that Jamie is a pretty cool guy to be around and that he is just what she needed after the turbulent few years Katie has had that resulted in speculation over her marriage to Cruise and his religion of scientology.

Wedding bells? No – I reckon once bitten, twice shy.


For someone who loves movies and showbiz as much as I do, I’m surprised I’ve only just started watching the TV series Lost.

It was originally aired back in 2004 and was a huge global hit.

I don’t know why, but I just never got into it then. And I have no explanation as to why I’ve started watching it all of a sudden, except for the fact it might have something to do with me having watched almost everything else.

Seriously, we watch a lot of TV series and films.

I’m rather impressed by Lost. You can clearly tell how old it is through the use of over-dramatic music, long pregnant pauses and a story line that wanders off at rather bizarre tangents, but I can totally see why audiences loved it back then.