CHERYL GIBBS: Don’t call me a hypocrite over my Christmas tree

Chery's 'one vice' is a sweet-smelling Christmas tree       Picture: Shutterstock
Chery's 'one vice' is a sweet-smelling Christmas tree Picture: Shutterstock
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‘It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas...’

It certainly is in our household anyway!

I give to charity as often as I can, I support those in need as often as I can, and I don’t eat meat out of principle.

That’s because we’ve put up our tree and decorations, uncharacteristically, way ahead of usual.

Every year I make sure we get a real Christmas tree – as far as I’m concerned it’s my one vice.

I get a lot of flack from people who ask how I can be an avid vegetarian and friend of the earth and yet contribute to cutting trees down for my own pleasure.

And, you know what? They’re absolutely right.

However – now here’s the biggy, I think I’m pretty good throughout the year.

I give to charity as often as I can, I support those in need as often as I can, and I don’t eat meat out of principle.

But my one vice (Matt may argue I have more than one) is that I love a real Christmas tree and this year, same as last year, we got ours in Catherington.

While it was business as usual in that respect, one thing that was slightly different this year was that we didn’t have a row.

At least not about the tree, which we normally do.

Every year, without fail, we argue over the size of the tree.

I remember arguing about this with my dad as a child and I’ve clearly not let it go since.

However, we picked this tree within two minutes of arriving. And it was all going rather smoothly until Matt made the mistake of making it look like he was bored and fed up with decorating.

Anyone who knows me, knows Christmas is a big deal and all I ask is for a little festive spirit – where’s the harm in that?

I think he got the message loud and clear and put on some Christmas tunes to make up for it – either that or he was getting fed up with me singing along to War is Over.

Or perhaps it was the scowls I was throwing at him.

Either way, our bungalow is looking a lot more cheery than it did last week.

However, I’m just hoping this tree starts smelling like a real one soon, because it’s been up for almost a week and I haven’t been hit by that lovely real Christmas tree smell yet.

It’s the one thing I bang on about in support of getting one, so it best start playing its part otherwise it will be a trip to Keydell Nurseries for me next year to get a fake one!


ITV’s This Morning presenter, Holly Willoughby has undergone a rather dramatic transformation over the past year.

The beautiful blonde mum and TV favourite has always been praised for her curvaceous figure, which gave rise to her nickname, Holly Willough-booby.

‘But where’s she gone’, I hear you cry.

Her newly-svelte figure has meant a drastic change in Holly’s appearance.

And while I think she looks absolutely stunning – and quite frankly could wear a brown paper bag and look fabulous – I do think it’s a little bit of a shame for the curvy ladies among us.

She defied the stereotypical Skinny Minnie frame of other celebs and we loved her for it.

But either way she can do no wrong, really. She’s like Ant and Dec – one of TV’s and the public’s favourite hosts.


It’s got to be either Toff or Iain, surely?

I am talking about the winner of I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, of course.

The winner will be announced on Sunday’s final episode and I have to admit that I wasn’t particularly keen on the thought of another reality TV star appearing on a show that has ‘celebrity’ in the title.

But Toff from Made in Chelsea has totally won me over with her posh accent, sharp wit and intelligence.

I also admit to not particularly warming to radio host Iain Lee either.

And neither did a lot of his campmates if their treatment of him was anything to go by.

He seemed very unpopular, but again he’s won me over too and I’d be happy if either of those two win.

I just hope boxing champ Amir Khan doesn’t. I’m sorry, but I just don’t like him. He seems conniving and a bit selfish.