CHERYL GIBBS: Eighteen years together and '˜it don't seem a day too long'

Eighteen years is a long time to be with one person and quite frankly I don't think either of us thought we'd stay together when we met at 17 and 19 years old, but that's life I guess, full of surprises.

Thursday, 29th March 2018, 9:00 pm
Cheryl and Matt: they've been together 18 years and this was their wedding day in 2015. Cheryl Gibbs wedding 2015 CREDIT# **CREDIT PHOTOGRAHER JAMES*** Wedding snaps - sending honeymoon ones asap From: Cheryl Gibbs PPP-150806-105406001

So last week, as we celebrated our 18-year anniversary, it suddenly occurred to me that we’ve now officially been together longer in our lives than we have been apart – how scary is that!

Sometimes I’ll talk about something, a memory from what I perceive to have been my childhood and Matt will pipe up adding something. At this point I question how he could possibly know that and he’ll reply ‘I was there Cheryl’.

This freaks me out because I can’t believe we’ve been together so long that he could remember it.

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It’s weird isn’t it – as you get older time just flies by and I genuinely can’t believe that we’ve just celebrated this milestone.

We celebrated in style and went along to the Jetty restaurant at the Chichester Harbour Hotel, which we’d never been too before.

It’s a beautiful boutique hotel in North Street, Chichester, and as soon as you walk in the hotel kind of gives you a hug.

It has beautiful atmospheric lighting and little touches everywhere that instantly put you in relax mode.

We had three courses – well four actually if you count the little dessert tray that the chef sorted out for us to mark our anniversary – he even wrote Happy Anniversary in white chocolate on the tray with little truffles dotted about – it was truly special. Oh that and the glass of champagne that arrived soon after!

I would highly recommend the restaurant and have every intention of returning with my mum – she’d approve for sure.

The food was delicious, upmarket, but not pretentious and the staff (my favourite waitress was called Matilda) were amazing and couldn’t have done enough for us.

The whole evening was wonderful and the perfect way to celebrate 18 years together.

I don’t know who deserves the medal for putting up with one another more – me or Matt? Pretty sure most people would say Matt...


It’s not just Scarlett Moffatt who is at the centre of a fitness DVD scandal – Geordie Shore’s loudmouth Charlotte Crosby is also having problems with her exercise DVD.

They have been accused of being economic with the truth by claiming they lost weight through their DVD work-outs amid accusations that really they’d been under-eating and over-exercising.

There are people who take these things at face value and look at them and think ‘they’ve lost the weight that way, so can I’.

But wouldn’t you question those claims?

These DVDs are made to make money, so perhaps people need to take celebrity-endorsed fitness products with a pinch of salt.


Happy Easter everyone!

Easter is more about having a long weekend than eating copious amounts of chocolate, although don’t get me wrong if I could do both I would.

Unfortunately the only person who usually still buys me an Easter egg is Matt’s mum, but she’s away at the moment so it looks like this year there will be no egg for me – boo!

Easter isn’t just for kids you know, it’s for big kids too. Although to be fair I could probably do without devouring the extra calories – you see I’m an ‘all or nothing’ kind of gal and I’d rather eat the entire egg in one go than having it linger around the house, so its probably a good job that there won’t be one around for me to consume. Silver lining and all that.