CHERYL GIBBS: Forget the Oscars, this was the party to beat all parties

FredFest 2018 was one of the best parties Cheryl Gibbs has ever attended
FredFest 2018 was one of the best parties Cheryl Gibbs has ever attended
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I’ve been to my fair share of showbiz parties and glitzy events.

I’ve even been to the Oscars, don’t you know (shameless bragging). But I attended a party recently that trumps all of them – and it was in my own back yard. Well, not quite, but it was local.

The whole event ran like a showbiz party and, quite frankly, I’d have paid top dollar to attend an event like that

I was fortunate enough to attend the 50th birthday celebrations of a family friend, Fred.

The event was organised by his partner Donna who has been in our extended family for years.

Anyway, Fred and Donna live in the most beautiful home I’ve ever had the privilege of seeing and she held a surprise party for him to celebrate him hitting the big five-O.

I have genuinely never seen a party like it – apart from the fact all the food and booze were put on for the whole afternoon and evening, the event ran like a showbiz party. Quite frankly I’d have paid top dollar to attend a bash like that.

As we arrived we were greeted by men dressed up as security guards on stilts handing out FredFest wrist bands.

Soon after this we were met by waiters serving drinks from a vintage minivan.

There was an Airstream food trailer with awesome food all day, and a tea and coffee and waffle stand as well.

Not forgetting the bar hut in the middle of the garden serving up amazing drinks, including prosecco.

As you can imagine I was in my element, we all were!

There were fire pits and teepees for guests who wanted to stay over and a huge marquee where the DJ and band performed until midnight – the band were awesome!

They were called Fake Tan and they kept the whole party going. It was just amazing.

It’s kind of hard to describe it in words, but it was just one of those events where you feel so lucky to have been invited and what I loved the most was the atmosphere.

There wasn’t a stuffy or pretentious feeling in sight – everyone chatted to everyone else, it was all so laid-back, so wonderfully chilled, and just the perfect day.

Happy birthday Fred.

Is it too soon to be talking about FredFest 2019?


I’m not a huge lover of social media.

Don’t get me wrong, I do love checking out what people are up to on Facebook and while I’m not one to pry, I do love a nose.

Are they the same thing? Possibly.

However, despite the above I’ve got to admit to having a weakness for Instagram – I just love it.

Perhaps because it’s more visual than other platforms or perhaps because the stories allow you to really see into people’s lives.

Okay, so now I realise that I DO pry.

But this week it’s got me feeling a bit down.

It seems everyone and their dog went to the Met Gala in New York and it’s made me insanely jealous...Oh, the glamour!

It was all over Instagram, so I’ve boycotted it for a while.


Celebs do love a row – they’re worse than us normal folk.

But apparently pop stars Taylor Swift and Katy Perry have made it up after a six-year feud – well, kind of.

The pair have been at each other’s throats for years but allegedly made up recently after Katy sent Taylor some flowers and a hand-written note that basically said she was at fault and wanted to make up.

Now this would seemingly be fine, apart from the fact Taylor published this on Instagram upsetting Katy who clearly thought their new-found friendship would perhaps remain private.

But who is she kidding?

This is the year 2018 when almost everyone on the planet has a social media account.

But I’m glad they’ve made up, how long it will last though is anyone’s guess.