CHERYL GIBBS: From Mexico to Horndean – and the food’s just as great

Matt and Cheryl at Pavo Real by the Sea', Mexico
Matt and Cheryl at Pavo Real by the Sea', Mexico
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We’re now back from our two-week break in Mexico and what a holiday it was – exactly what we needed.

Of all the trips we’ve done, this has to be there with the most relaxing. We literally didn’t do anything, or hardly anything.

The second week was all about evening trips.

We did a Captain Hook evening excursion in which you go out on a pirate ship for a night of entertainment and during which another pirate ship and yours go into ‘battle’ against one another. It was fun and something I’d recommend, especially if you have children; it was like Butlin’s on the sea.

Then we visited Pavo Real By The Sea – my goodness, the food!

Pavo Real By The Sea was only a short taxi ride from our hotel and is a beautiful restaurant set within an equally beautiful boutique hotel, yep you guessed it, right on the beach.

With stunning views across their private beach to the ocean, we sat smack bang in front of the sea while we had our three-course meal and it genuinely was one of those ‘pinch me’ moments.

The view was breathtaking and the food stunning – it’s no wonder their reviews online are so impressive.

We did a little tour of the boutique hotel too and the rooms are so tastefully done. They reflect the feeling of the whole place and I was genuinely impressed – as are countless celebrities and high-profile people who stay there too. And I can see why – it was very private.

We finished the trip off by returning back to Blighty on my birthday where, despite our jet lag we spent the evening at Four London Road, a new Italian tapas-style restaurant and bar at Horndean where we devoured a number of tapas dishes and several cocktails (I highly recommend the passion fruit Mojito).

The food was amazing and the attention to detail in the décor of the place adds something special for the area. They even brought me out a dessert and all the waiters came over and sang to me – I may have been feeling the effects of jet lag, but it was one heck of a birthday, so check it out.


Hollywood is rife with reports of sex allegations against a number of producers and directors.

This week its actor Kevin Spacey who has been on the receiving end of such allegations and it’s cost him dearly.

He’s been replaced in a big budget action movie just six weeks before the film is due to be released.

Spacey has been filming All The Money in The World amid claims from Star Trek actor Anthony Rapp, who says Spacey made sexual advances towards him in 1986 when he was 14.

This was while Spacey was working as an artistic director of the Old Vic in London.

Spacey replied saying he doesn’t remember the incident but if it happened he apologises and that it would have been down to being drunk.

However, 13 other claims have since been made against the star.

Christopher Plummer has now been brought in to replace Spacey in every scene in which he appears which, obviously, have all got to be re-shot.


Actor and stereotypical hard man Vinnie Jones has gone all soft on us – well, when it comes to the sale of his house anyway.

VinnIe put his Hollywood mansion up for sale for a whopping 2.35m dollars back in July. But there was little interest and despite persisting with the price for a number of months has now been forced to drop it to two million dollars which clearly worked, for the four-bedroom house now has a Sold sign on it.

I can’t imagine the incredible £350,000 price drop went down well with our Vinnie, but it’s a buyers’ market out there.

The property is what you’d expect from Vinnie – masculine interiors with lots of animal prints... a hot tub, outdoor bar and swimming pool. He shares the pad with his beautiful wife Tanya Jones.

They don’t seem sure where they’ll go next – Vinnie’s previously spoken about his lack of interest in returning to his native England, saying it’s not a British country any more but a European one. We’ll see...