CHERYL GIBBS: How can I clinch deals in Cannes if I can’t drink?

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It’s been a crazy week this week not least because I am going to Cannes on Sunday to attend the international TV festival Mipcom, but also because I’ve been back and forth to London for meetings. I went all the way to central London on Wednesday for a 30-minute meeting with an Australian TV channel. Oh the glamour.

Mipcom is the place where channels and production companies from all over the world meet to buy and sell TV shows and while I’ve had programmes of mine sold there before, I’ve never been.

This year I get to go with work under my new role as Head of TV so needless to say I’m excited.

I’ve even forewarned the colleague I’m going with that I might ‘geek out’ slightly because I’ve wanted to go to Mip for several years. Oh, and the fact that Catherine Zeta Jones and Gordon Ramsay are both going to be there might have something to do with it.

Bizarrely I’m not that fussed about Catherine – sorry Jones, but Gordon is the one I want to see. He’s doing a talk about his years in the media and how he’s managed to carve out a personal brand for such a long time.

On top all of the networking, meetings and talks we’ve got scheduled, I’m hoping to find some time to enjoy Cannes.

I’ve never been before so it’s another pin in my map and we’ve got this really nice apartment on the beach near the Palais where the festival is held.

Unfortunately, I’ve been told by several people at work that the guy I’m going with and sharing an apartment with is a nightmare sleeper and snores so loudly that not only will I need earplugs but I may also need the odd shot of something strong to knock me out each night.

One snag with this plan – I’m not supposed to be drinking because of my mouth!

So, not only am I going to an international festival where deals are made over a glass of champagne and I cannot drink, but it looks like I won’t be sleeping much either – great! Still, hopefully Gordon will be worth the trip.


So the biggest showbiz story to come out of Hollywood this week is that of disgraced mogul Harvey Weinstein.

The movie producer has been sacked by his media company this week amid rumours and allegations by some very high-profile people of sexual assault and rape.

He’s had a pretty bad week and rightly so if the rumours are true.

His wife has left him and he’s apparently checked himself into a 40,000-dollar-a-month rehab clinic for sex addiction and behavioural issues.

It’s hard to be judge and juror at this point – he’s not actually been charged with a crime yet. But when so many women have come forward, all seemingly saying very similar things, its hard to not pass judgement.

I only hope that this incident encourages more people to come forward and speak openly about situations like these, without fear of prejudice.


I’ve been on a bit of a mission this week in the kitchen.

For nearly three weeks now I’ve not drunk any booze, had any coffee, eaten gluten or dairy and basically been one boring individual – at least, that’s how it feels.

I can’t admit to being 100 per cent strict on the diet. Sometimes it’s hard to find food, especially when out, that has no traces of gluten or dairy, but I have at least tried.

This week I’ve been attempting to make a variety of sweet things to curb my sweet cravings without using any dairy products or gluten products.

It started with making cookie-like things which tasted nice but looked horrific. I gave my mum and sister one when they popped round on Monday evening and they looked like I was trying to poison them.

They looked like a rather weird bomb-shaped thing with a biscuit base, peanut butter middle and chocolate on top.

I revamped it by making them into slices, like millionaire shortbread. So not only did they taste nice they also looked it too .

There’s one problem with this. I should be losing weight given my strict diet, but as ‘healthy’ as these treats are, they seem to be liking my hips somewhat.