CHERYL GIBBS: I’ll be blasting out non-stop Christmas music for weeks

The German Christmas market in Commercial Road''puts Cheryl Gibbs in a festive mood
The German Christmas market in Commercial Road''puts Cheryl Gibbs in a festive mood
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Wow, talk about back to reality with a bang!

We arrived home from Mexico on my birthday, last Wednesday, after spending a glorious two weeks in the sun.

The realities of normal life have definitely kicked in – the washing, cooking, planning for lunches...

The week before we went to Mexico I was in Cannes for the TV festival so I’ve pretty much been in the sun for three weeks – pure bliss.

After my birthday celebrations were over, the reality of being back in cold, old Blighty really hit home.

It was most painful when I took stock and realised that it’s dark by 4.30pm now and pitch black by 5pm.


I’m also back at work too, which is fine, but the realities of normal life have definitely kicked in – the washing, cooking, planning for lunches…

All the mundane stuff that we all have to deal with, coupled with the fact we’ve both had raging colds, hasn’t exactly been what I was looking for when I came home.

But still, the silver lining is that it is almost Christmas – there’s just over five weeks to go. Can you believe it?

Now that I’m back to work I get a company car to drive around in which is great because it means not only is the car new, but it also has a digital radio which means it has dedicated Christmas music stations.

Yep, there is such a thing – stations dedicated to Christmas music all day and, don’t judge me, but they’re on constantly in the car.

I absolutely love it and although it does feel a little strange going from beautiful sunshine and beaches with that lovely warm feeling of summer to literally walking into winter overnight, I do love the cosy Christmas feeling you get at this time of year.

I’m doing quite well on the shopping front too. With 14 children to buy for – yes, 14 – and a big family, needless to say I had to start early.

I’m over half way there, which is pretty good going.

I was delighted to go into Commercial Road, Portsmouth, during the week and see the Christmas market.

It makes the usual shopping routine that little bit more magical. I absolutely love it.


Kim Kardashian is expecting her third child via a surrogate.

The reality TV star and wife of Kanye West already has two children with the star – daughter, North and son, Saint.

But Kim, who has always been open about wanting a big family, has decided not to carry the child herself due to health reasons.

I know Hollywood stars get quite a lot of flack for saying these kind of things with a lot of cynics suggesting that they don’t carry their own to

maintain their figure.

But I genuinely think Kim went through the mill with both her pregnancies, suffering quite extreme medical problems that put her own health at risk.

Having a surrogate might have been the best choice.

Good luck Kim.


Ithink everyone was surprised earlier this year when Ant McPartlin from the famous TV presenting duo Ant and Dec went into rehab for an alleged addiction

to alcohol.

They have always had such a squeaky clean image so it came as a surprise when it was revealed Ant had been struggling with these demons.

I’m glad to see his rehab clearly went to plan because he’s flown out to Australia with Dec and the rest of the crew for the upcoming series of I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here.

It always feels like Christmas is just around the corner when this show starts and I can’t wait to get into this year’s series – if nothing else than for the great anecdotes that will no doubt come from Dec as he mocks Ant’s stint in rehab.