CHERYL GIBBS: Mother Nature wasn't going to rain on my friend's parade

It rained. Boy, did it rain.

Thursday, 27th July 2017, 8:33 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th September 2017, 11:06 am
Cheryl, left, with bride and groom Kelly and James, centre, and her husband James. Picture: Georgia Stanhope

The heavens opened up last Saturday at about 9am and didn’t end until pretty much the next day.

But did that stop the bride and groom having the best day of their lives? Did it heck…

Last weekend, I watched mu best friends James and Kelly become Mr and Mrs Bessant at St Mary’s Church in Fratton, where Matt and I got married two years ago.

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They also had Father Bob do their service, which as some of you know already will make any wedding that little bit extra special.

Father Bob is a legend and, as he did on our day also, he continued to make references to Portsmouth Football Club, much to the delight of some of the guys sat in the pews.

My husband Matt was one of James’ two best men, stood at the front with the groom as he waited for Kelly to walk down the aisle.

What I wasn’t quite prepared for, though, was just how nervous I would feel getting up and doing my reading.

I had no idea that I would feel so anxious about it and I was. It was either that or I was nervous for Kelly – only joking James, she’s bagged herself a good one there.

As Father Bob signalled for me to head to the front to do my reading I could feel my legs starting to shake. It was a rather unusual feeling given that, as everyone pointed out to me later, ‘You don’t do nervous, Cheryl’ – well, I did that day.

Perhaps it was because I was stood in front of all our friends. Perhaps it was the brand new shoes I had on that was causing the wiggle.

Perhaps it was because I wrote the reading myself and just wanted it to be perfect, but I genuinely was more nervous doing that then I was interviewing any celebrity on the red carpet, but perhaps that’s the point.

Celebrities come and go, but friends, your real friends, they’re the ones who really matter.

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Bessant, it was a fab day!


There have been reports of rifts in the Beckham household so the photo that emerged this week of David signing the jean shorts of some beautiful blonde probably didn’t help.

I’m sure that David has been asked to sign his autograph in worse places than on the buttocks of some blonde.

According to reports, the couple are living separate lives and that their £5 million converted farmhouse in Norton, Oxfordshire is being redesigned so that theycan live in separate wings.

Seriously, who makes this stuff up? I mean even if that is true, whose business is it?

There’s been rumours about these two for years – rumours of infidelity and affairs, arguments and spates – but they’re still here, still going strong and I wish them the best of luck.


You’d be forgiven for thinking that the recent images that emerged this week of Reese Witherspoon is her posing with her sister, when in fact it’s her daughter, Ava.

The pair look more like twins or sisters than they do mother and daughter and Reese has commented just that, saying that they’ve ‘grown up together’.

The Legally Blonde actress Reese, now 41, will help Ava celebrate in style as she turns the big 18 within the next few months and if you think about their age difference, they very well could be more like sisters or friends.

I practically did a double take when I saw the pic on social media this week – Ava looks almost identical to her Hollywood mother and they’re not bad genes to inherit!