CHERYL GIBBS: My DIY painting job didn't quite work out as planned

We moved into our bungalow just over a year ago now and with views over to White Dirt Farm in Clanfield, we love it.

Thursday, 21st September 2017, 8:44 pm
Updated Thursday, 21st September 2017, 9:02 pm
Painting didnt quite have the desired effect but you cant blame me for giving it a go (Credit: Shutterstock)

It’s not perfect – not by a mile, and we certainly never wanted to live over just one floor, but we knew we had to compromise and when you pay for a view, you usually pay in one way or another with the property and ours was the sacrifice of a whole floor with the long-term aim of building up –

We decided from the get-go that there was little point in doing major redecorating because one day the whole place will be ripped apart as we build upstairs so we decided not to worry about re-doing the electrics or re plastering the walls.

That said I still want to make our house a home, so this week I decided to set my sights on improving our kitchen.

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Probably the most up-to-date part of the house already I decided that it could do with a freshen up – this required painting the walls, using tile paint to improve the existing tiles and as the women in B&Q said: ‘Oh I can see why you’d want to change them’ (cheeky) and repainting the kitchen cupboards.

In theory, an easy task and something that shouldn’t take long. In reality, it always takes longer than expected and costs way more than the ‘one tin of paint’ I envisage.

I spent every spare minute after work this week redoing it. I decided that a nice rose gold colour would look really nice against the white walls and would complement the duck egg blue I went for on the cupboards.

When I looked online for some rose gold kitchen accessories I was amazed by how expensive it was, so decided instead to do it myself – I bought a can of rose gold paint and went to work, creating a mock studio in the garage spraying everything that wasn’t nailed down and thus breathing new life into old and tired accessories.

There was just one problem – I didn’t look at the can instructions and didn’t notice what materials it would be suitable for. Needless to say, my white tiles now have trails of rose gold all over them as the spray paint didn’t stick properly…not quite the desired effect I was going for! Still you can’t blame for me trying!


Last week I said how I reluctantly went to see Stephen King’s latest remake – IT – the horror movie about a killer clown.

I was unsure about going to see it, not least of all because I could barely watch the first one and in fact had to turn it off, but everyone said what a good film the remake was and as an avid lover of cinema I wanted to see for myself what all the fuss was about.

What a marvellously welldone movie. Honestly, I know that sounds hard to believe given that it’s a horror movie about a clown that lives in the

sewers, but honestly it has been done so very well. It genuinely had such a good story structure and I was so impressed by the quality of the characterisation that you almost forget about the killer clown…almost! I highly recommend.


it’s my mum’s birthday today and whilst I won’t reveal her age (she might not like that) I will say how honoured I am to be her daughter.

If you’ve read my column over the years you’ll know how I feel about my family – I blooming love them, and my mum, as many women are, is the centre of ours. She’s strong yet completely soft, a career woman who values living life over anything else and she’s my best friend.

I’m not a mum yet, but I already know the type of mum I want to be – just like mine and if I can only be half that then I know I’ll always do alright.

She has always been my best friend, someone who knows me better than I know myself and I love you so much mum – happy birthday!