CHERYL GIBBS: My hero came to the rescue on Operation Decoration...

Mary Berry with Candice Brown, who has been crowned champion of this year's Great British Bake Off
Mary Berry with Candice Brown, who has been crowned champion of this year's Great British Bake Off
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Operation Decoration is well and truly under way. Again.

It was only a few weeks ago that I was writing about how we’d spent countless hours and days decorating our lounge and dining room which we were over the moon with, even if my suggested ‘let’s just throw a lick of paint on the walls’ didn’t quite pan out – it took forever.

But then a few weeks passed and I started getting itchy feet again, looking at our dire bedroom with the thick 1980s artex on the walls and hoping that some fairy godmother might come along, wave her wand and leaving me blessed with a luxurious-looking boudoir.

She didn’t appear, but my fairy godfather did – in the name of Steve McKerr.

This man will be written in our will for he walked into our life at just the right time, wielding not a wand, but a plasterer’s hawk and trowel and quite frankly if I could have given him his very own halo I would have.

Trust me.

The man deserves it – not least of all for putting up with me all week – I am so very grateful.

He spent all weekend and every night this week helping Matt plaster our bedroom.

This was quite the feat and took three coats of plaster on each wall to conceal said artex.

Poor Steve – what started out with an innocent offer of help turned into a week-long labour of pure hard work and given that the offer of decorating help is rather thin on the ground these days, we will forever be in his debt.

We spent last Saturday night with him and his wife too and their friends playing Twister (such a good idea after Prosecco) and the game Mr and Mrs which challenges partners on their knowledge of one another.

This was hilarious, not least of all because Matt and I trumped the other two couples in years together by about 10 and yet still we didn’t win!

I’m not quite sure how this happened and I was hoping by now that Matt would know how many pairs of socks I owned (the foundations of a true marriage) but apparently he didn’t – outrageous!

I may be behind the curve, but I love the Bake Off!

I’ve often commented on how I do everything so much later than everyone else – I started watching Game of Thrones several years after it was ‘trendy’ to do so, I usually start to like songs that were made famous a year before.

This week proved no different. Everyone in the office was talking about the final of the Great British Bake Off, and even though I’ve never watched a single episode of the hit BBC 1 show, I kind of know what’s going on.

I decided on Wednesday evening, we should watch the final and I have to say I loved it! I now feel like I’ve missed out on all the baking buzz.

It was made even worse by Matt’s comments that the banana bread I made that night looked nothing like those of the bakers on TV.

$10m wedding ring? I’d be fearful it would slip off

Mariah Carey has been dumped by her billionaire fiance over claims she’s ‘excessively spending’.

Mariah is almost more famous for her excessive lifestyle then she is for her singing these days, often pictured flaunting her riches.

Reports have come out saying that billionaire casino don James Packer is fed up of her extravagant spending.

They apparently have fallen out over Mariah’s new reality show which exposes their relationship and their lifestyle to the world.

It’s also reported that Packer has agreed to let his ex keep the $10 million engagement ring! Really? I constantly touch my wedding ring to make sure it’s still there, always fearful that it will slip off by mistake, but imagine if you had a $10 million rock on your finger?