CHERYL GIBBS: My husband, scared of heights? You’re having a laugh

Wish you here? The Azul Fives by Karisma, Mexico
Wish you here? The Azul Fives by Karisma, Mexico
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Hola from Mexico! I’m writing this sitting at a beautiful circular table in the plaza of our hotel in Puerto del Carmen.

We flew here last Tuesday and won’t be returning home until next week. We actually landed on my birthday on Wednesday.

We’re having the most amazing time and it’s exactly what we needed having not been away since our honeymoon two-and-a-half years ago, so it’s a very welcome break.

We booked it at the last minute and decided the prospect of two weeks in the sun, lying on loungers and drinking and eating our bodyweight was worth the investment. Trust me when I say we have got our money’s worth.

We’re staying at the Azul Fives Hotel by Karisma resort which I didn’t know until we got here is Gourmet Inclusive. This means I’ve not stopped consuming since we arrived.

You know that bloated feeling you get at some resorts when you start feeling sick because of the rubbish food they serve? It’s the exact opposite here.

We’ve also been lucky with the weather – rain and thunder was forecast every day before we arrived, but so far, and I don’t want to tempt fate here, we’ve not had a single drop of rain. It’s been perfect.

On Monday we went to Xenotes Oasis Maya, a day trip to the caves where we ziplined into caves and swam in the natural waters of the Mayan jungle. What an experience!

Even my husband Matt thought so, which came as a shock because he’s allegedly scared of heights.

The very first zipline we did from a cliff down into the water, Matt decided he wanted to be Spider-Man – literally.

So I’m in the water waiting for him to come down and I watch him high up on the cliff start wrapping his feet – yes his feet – into some rope. The next thing I know he’s ziplining down with no hands attached, with only his feet clinging to the rope. As he came down he pretended to throw out spiders’ webs much to the amusement of everyone and leaving me speechless which, as you know, doesn’t happen often. Afraid of heights? My backside


I was immensely sad to learn of yet another senseless act of terrorism this week in New York. As if that city hasn’t been through enough.

It was another example of how the nature of terrorism has changed. Yet again some lone driver ploughing into a crowded area hoping to cause as much carnage as possible. Eight dead, 12 injured and for what?

What did it achieve? What point did it prove? Was it in the name of some higher power?

Apparently so, but if that’s the kind of legacy you wish to be associated with then I pity you I really do. For there is no higher power, no force bigger than ourselves that permits this sort of thing.

It’s disgusting behaviour that doesn’t deserve our energy or time and I just hope our resilience as decent human beings will be what prevails against this epidemic of brainwashing and cruelty against innocent civilians.


In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein saga that is rocking Hollywood, not only have several other women come forward declaring they too were victims of his sexual assaults, but also others have named and shamed other high-profile figures.

This week a well-respected director has been at the centre of the scandal as has Dustin Hoffman who, allegedly, used inappropriate language to a 17-year-old.

The whole thing has snowballed since Weinstein was publicly shamed by many actresses.

Hopefully all their bravery will put a stop to others having to endure such cowardly acts against people in the future.