CHERYL GIBBS: (ST)RIP to the King of the Clubs

Peter Stringfellow on the decks at the opening of Syndicate nightclub in Blackpool
Peter Stringfellow on the decks at the opening of Syndicate nightclub in Blackpool
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First Hugh Hefner, and now Britain’s very own playboy Peter Stringfellow has passed away at the relatively young age of 77.

The businessman and self-styled King of Clubs, passed away on Wednesday following a secret battle with cancer.

He leaves behind his wife, Bella, and four children, one of whom is just three years old – how very sad.

Stringfellow revealed in 2015 that he had battled lung cancer and a tumour, despite never smoking in his whole life.

But it’s not known whether it had returned or if he passed from a different form of cancer – he kept his illness secret, demanding his publicist keep it a secret.

Tributes from around the world poured in with people posting (ST)RIP Peter Stringfellow – a nod to his life in strip clubs.


Is it true that you turn into your parents as you get older?

I remember as a child being forced to traipse around garden centres every Sunday with my sisters and mum and dad.

We used to travel miles and the only thing I looked forward to was lunch in the café. How very sad.

It was something we always did together, but as soon as I could get out of going, I would.

Fast forward a good few years and Matt and I have become my parents. It’s taken until the ripe old age of 35, and 18 years together, but we’re finally where they are and thrilled at the prospect of visiting garden centres.

In fact, last weekend instead of chilling out at home and relaxing in the garden, Matt and I visited three garden centres and I was shocked at how much our conversations have changed.

All of a sudden, seemingly overnight, we’re discussing which plants would look nice in the borders we’re going to create, or which trees could be potted and which ones need to go in the ground.

We looked with enthusiasm around the garden furniture sections, getting excited at the different types of rattan tables and chairs, and solar lighting – and then came the cafes. It felt like something of a ritual and a throwback to my past.

We stopped in two of the three cafes, first for lunch and then for a quick ‘pit stop cuppa’.

All of a sudden I felt extremely old and yet young at the same time.

I was reminiscing about my childhood and telling Matt how my sisters and I would just chill out in the furniture sections while my mum pondered over the seed counter for what seemed like a lifetime.

I remember thinking ‘what on earth is taking so long, they’re just seeds’.

But now I get it, and I fear history is repeating itself.

We spent 10 years living in Copnor with pretty much no usable garden space. And for the past two years we’ve been living in Clanfield with a garden so overgrown and wild, or should I say ‘established’, and all of a sudden having a vested interest in our green space.

How times have changed.


I think I may be the only person in the UK who isn’t watching ITV’s dating show latest, Love Island.

In fact, I may possibly be the only person in the UK who has never watched it. I just can’t do it.

It’s a bit like when The Only Way is Essex or Made in Chelsea were the hit TV shows everyone was raving about. I couldn’t bring myself to watch those either.

While I admit I don’t sit there and digest hours upon hours of informative documentaries or reruns of Blue Planet, there is only a certain amount of dumbing down I allow myself to do and Love Island is one step too far.

Big Brother, yes. I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here – hell, yes!

That’s my limit.