CHERYL GIBBS: The sweet smell of Eau de Commuter's Armpit

This country just cannot handle extremities in weather '“ if there's too much rain there's floods everywhere and chaos nationwide. If there's too much snow don't even bother leaving the house.

Thursday, 28th June 2018, 9:00 pm
Updated Monday, 16th July 2018, 4:51 pm
Cheryl was stuck in sweltering heat at Waterloo Station, London, as rail services to and from the railway station were disrupted Picture: Victoria Jones/PA Wire

This week we’ve experienced the opposite – too much sun. Apparently.

I blooming love this hot weather. How lovely it is after such a pitiful winter to wake up to sun and go to bed when it’s dark, but not usually pitch black.

Admittedly, living in a bungalow where the heat has nowhere to go but down has caused a few problems in trying to keep cool, but I’m not complaining. However, this glorious weather has caused me and a lot of other people a fair amount of grief.

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I was back in London earlier this week having meetings and as I did my usual bolt to get the train on time I was stopped in my tracks by a herd of people standing still in the middle of Waterloo, all looking equally as hot and flustered as I felt and looked.

I looked up at the travel information boards to see almost all trains were delayed because of the weather.

Hang on a minute, the sun causing train delays? Really? Whatever next?

When I finally managed to speak to someone at the information booth I was told there was a train departing on platform 12 soon, so I did what 300 other commuters seemed to do at the same time – leg it to the train.

When I got on we were packed in like sardines. It felt like there wasn’t a single space left to breathe. In fact some guy was so close to me he trod on my toe and I spent the best part of 15 minutes buried in his armpit as he insisted on holding onto the overhead luggage compartment. God knows why, the train wasn’t even moving!

As more and more people clambered onto the train, tensions started rising and I genuinely became concerned as to whether there was even enough air for us all to breathe.

At that moment they announced that the driver hadn’t even arrived and told us we’d better find alternative ways of getting home.

What an awesome experience in 30 degree heat.


I feel like Matt and I are the only people in the country not addicted to Love Island – are we missing out?

Even my older sister Jo and her husband Steve are glued to it, having never watched the series before. And that’s saying something because Jo can’t sit still at the best of times. The fact she commits to watching it every time it’s on is, quite frankly, a miracle.

Apparently, she’s only watching it because Danny Dyer’s daughter, who is erm, also called Dani Dyer (the ‘I’ makes all the difference you know), is coming across very well.

So I’ve kind of got my finger on the pulse a bit, but I’m starting to wonder if I should cave and give in like the rest of the country?


There has been a lot of criticism this week about the Duchess of Sussex, AKA Meghan Markle, AKA Prince Harry’s new wife.

She went on another official outing with the Queen, this time accompanied by Harry and she forgot to cross her legs at her ankles.

It sent shockwaves across the media with people brandishing her as being disrespectful to the Queen.

I mean, come on, seriously people, get a grip!

So duchesses are supposed to cross their legs at their ankles and not their knees – a faux pas made by Megs this week.

I’ve honestly never heard of anything so absurd in my life.

Yes, there needs to be protocol in place to retain our royal charm, but was she disrespectful? I highly doubt it!