CHERYL GIBBS: They turn our house into a war zone but it's worth it

How is it February already? I mean seriously '“ we've only just had Christmas, like yesterday!

Thursday, 1st February 2018, 8:01 pm
It's what children do...

How is it February already? I mean seriously – we’ve only just had Christmas, like yesterday!

It’s scary how quickly time flies. As a child I remember thinking how time dragged on and on and it felt like forever until Christmas came around again. What’s scary is it really is just around the corner again and as each year goes by it comes around quicker and quicker.

I do miss the innocence of being a child. For example, I had both of my sisters’ children overnight one day last week.

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On Friday Matt came home from work to a house that resembled something out of a bad kids’ movie – there was stuff everywhere and I mean everywhere. His OCD must have gone into overdrive.

He stopped by the dining room table, surveyed the premises and walked back out again, not saying anything. He didn’t need too, even I thought it was a state, but that’s what happens when you have a nine-year-old, a seven-year-old and a 14-month-old in one bungalow – it gets messy.

Anyway, as usual when we have them over, we treat the older ones to a McDonald’s and we stay up watching movies and eating sweets (sorry Jo) and they love it. That’s what being an auntie and uncle is all about in my opinion and while I don’t give them everything they want (otherwise all Hollie would have is sherbet) but I do like to treat them.

The reason I’m telling you all this is because it highlights how different children are compared to adults – they were begging to stay up later and later, trying to defy their little bodies which clearly wanted to go to bed. I giggled to myself how things change as you get older – now you can’t get me in bed quick enough.

As much as I loved having them, and I did, I didn’t like the 4.15am wake-up call that Sienna, our 14-month-old niece gave us. Don’t tell my sister Michelle, but she ended up in bed with us! Apparently one of the no-no rules, but I caved in. I needed my beauty sleep – I’m getting on you know...


There will be a mixture of emotions for actor Jim Carrey this week after he was cleared of any wrongdoing in the case of the death of his ex-girlfriend Cathriona White who killed herself in September 2015.

The comic actor won’t face trial after the court decided he had done nothing wrong.

What a double tragedy. On one hand there was the death of a young woman who clearly saw no way out of her problems and took her own life; then you have Jim Carrey who for two-and-a-half years has not only dealt with the death of his ex but also had a potential lawsuit hanging over him.

I’m sure he’s feeling relieved but also immensely sad still.


Celebrity Big Brother ends tonight after a month on Channel 5, where a bunch of wannabe and former celebrities (John Barnes and Shane Lynch excluded) have been entertaining us. Or is that just me?

I love it and I don’t know why because every year I say I’m not going to watch it and every year I do.

This week we’ve seen Shane J/Courtney get into some rows about feminism with other people in the house and I think it’s a shame it’s come to that.

Yes, it’s the Year of the Woman and we’re celebrating 100 years of the female vote, but I do think that sometimes highlighting things so much and talking about them so much is just putting emphasis on something that for a lot of people isn’t even there.