CHERYL GIBBS: We moved out of the city, but keep going back there

I've always wanted to return to my roots and go back to the Horndean/Clanfield area.

Friday, 14th April 2017, 6:01 am
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 6:40 pm
Tom Hiddleston stars in Kong: Skull Island

Not for any other reason than I grew up there and I had the best ‘outdoorsy’ type of childhood.

One day when we start our own family (listen to how grown-up I sound), I’d like the same for our children.

However, since we moved out of Portsmouth approximately eight months ago, we’ve spent little time in our village.

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Instead we’ve been back to the city and Southsea a lot.

Perhaps it’s because we’ve yet to procreate, so what I’ve said above doesn’t apply.

Or perhaps it’s because the buzz and vibe of Portsmouth and Southsea still call out to us.

Whatever, last weekend I took Friday off work so Matt and I could have a long weekend together and we spent all of it in Southsea.

It started when we left our car there and decided to go for a nice lunch overlooking the Solent.

This was followed by a ridiculously long walk along the front to Gunwharf Quays (seriously, we did about five miles, which is fine normally, except the shoes I was wearing were absolutely not designed for going anything more than a few feet).

By the time we got to one of the bars and sat outside with a drink, not only was I gasping for air but I had several rather large and pulsing blisters.

However, we didn’t let it spoil our mood and we ended up watching the film Kong: Skull Island.

I realise being indoors on a nice day goes against everything I’ve said about being an ‘outdoorsy’ person.

But it was just this once, honest.

After the film we took advantage of Tiger Tiger’s outdoor balcony and had a few cocktails before reluctantly heading home.

We almost repeated this format on the Saturday and the Sunday.

So over three days we headed into Southsea every day at some point or another.

Later, as we sat in our garden overlooking fields, Matt remarked that we’d ‘paid a heavy price for this view, so perhaps we should spend more time enjoying it’.

I have to admit that he has a valid point.


Oh my giddy aunt, Prison Break is back on our TV screens and I can’t contain my excitement.

The season finished after four series several years ago, but fans (myself included) were delighted when Fox announced they would be bringing back the majority of the original cast for another nine-part series.

Matt and I watched it earlier this week and I admit that I’m totally hooked.

The focus this time is Michael Schofield, played by British actor Wentworth Miller.

What’s the verdict so far?

Well, I love it because I’m a huge fan of the series, but I fear that it may go down the same road as The Walking Dead – i.e. starts great, but tails off into a rather weak plot with bizarre and mismatched storylines.


Congratulations to The Hills stars Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag, who have just announced they’re expecting their first child.

Apparently, Heidi has always wanted to be a mum, but due to work commitments they hadn’t yet got around to it.

As you can imagine, the pair are delighted and I wish them all the happiness in the world as they embark on this new journey.

However, I did find the opening statement of their announcement somewhat odd.

Spencer, who is renowned for being slightly abrupt, declared that it had only taken them one month to conceive – like it was a trophy and something to be praised for.

I just found it a rather peculiar thing to say.