CHERYL GIBBS: You're never too old to admit you need time with your mum

Sometimes a girl just needs her mum. I don't think I'm the exception to that rule, even though I am nearly 35.

Thursday, 3rd August 2017, 9:02 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th September 2017, 11:34 am
Andrea McLean

Last Saturday I spent the whole day, just mum and me, and it was absolutely lovely.

It just reinforced my above sentiment that you’re never too old for some one-on-one time with your mumma – or any parent/relation for that matter.

As the youngest of three girls and the only one yet to reproduce, my mother’s time is, how can I put it, ‘stretched’ and she does her absolute best by all of us.

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But apparently babies and young grandchildren also need her time (how rude – I was here first! Haha) and of course I work full time.

So, like everyone else in this world, time really is of the essence, which is why last Saturday was just so lovely.

We both cleared our schedules (sisters and their offspring were left off this particular RSVP list – sorry girls) and we went to Chichester for the day.

It wasn’t anything especially fancy.

We didn’t do anything particularly amazing other than peruse the shops and stop more than we probably should have done for coffee, cake and, of course, lunch.

In fact the shopping was less than thrilling.

I didn’t buy anything other than a pair of cheap discounted heels from Next.

However, it was the one-on-one time with my mum that counted most. I absolutely loved it.

And although I think I chewed her ear off for most of the day, I think she really enjoyed it too.

I don’t think you’re ever too old to admit you need your parents or guardian, or anyone you look up too.

In fact I’d say it was a sign of strength.

Why? Because you’re comfortable enough in your own skin to look up and say ‘I need you’.

And I’m not in the least bit embarrassed to admit it – I love you mum!

However, what I will say is my mum can shop.

And boy, can she shop – so much so that I had to cancel my dinner plans with Matt in the evening because I was so tired and fell asleep by 11pm.

So rock and roll.


I’m working for a multi-media and video production company at Gosport which specialises in cars.

Each week new lease vehicles are delivered and some members of staff usually drive each car so they can review it for a variety of different outlets.

Within the space of the seven weeks I’ve worked there I’ve driven about 10 different ones.

I’m also lucky enough to drive some of them home and keep them for the weekend.

But as my last car was a Ford Fiesta with a taped-up rear view mirror, I wonder what my neighbours think.

I’ve driven everything from a new Audi S-Line to a Mazda MX5 (convertible – oh, er) to the new Suzuki Swift, so you can imagine the curtain-twitching now going on at Clanfield.


Loose Women star Andrea McLean has announced her engagement to Nick Feeney after originally vowing never to marry again following two hearthbreaking divorces.

Speaking very candidly in the past about her troubled marriages, the beautiful 47-year-old brunette revealed that she didn’t think she’d ever find love again after the breakdown of her second marriage.

But yesterday morning Andrea broke the news on Twitter that she’s going to wed investment adviser Nick.

She met him after she was sent on a blind date with him by her make-up artist three years ago.

All I can say is good luck and you never know Andrea, three times a charm!

Or at least I hope it is for you! Go for it girl!