Choose the right friends to help you bad days

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Sometimes we just don’t feel like being near other people.

We have all experienced days when we just feel deflated and don’t wish to have the company of anyone other than ourselves.

Even though many dread the thought of being alone it is good to rest; it is important we ensure we look after ourselves.

Many of us have times when we feel we are behaving in a way which doesn’t accurately express how we are really feeling.

An example would be when we walk around with a smile on our faces when actually we’re exhausted, feeling low and glum.

I know I’ve done this many times.

The frustration builds up because I don’t believe I am being myself.

It doesn’t happen frequently, although, if you are experiencing a negative day, it is often best to keep your feelings to yourself.

Is it really worth bringing others down just because you are feeling rubbish?

I used to struggle being around individuals who are not in a good situation themselves because they would drag me down too.

But I recognised the importance of encouraging them when they are going through a rough time.

Also I think it is beneficial for us to not take anything to heart if someone says or does something which is out of character.

We shouldn’t take this personally. It’s just that they want to keep themselves to themselves.

The presence we exude when we are around others is far more evident than what we realise.

People recognise negativity over someone and can ultimately feel poor through an attitude another can bring.

Now I’m not suggesting we can’t walk around feeling miserable; it’s natural we have days when we don’t feel 100 per cent.

But be cautious about who you allow to understand how you are really feeling.

Young people need to surround themselves with a group of people in whom they trust and from whom they can get encouragement. If we build firm friendships from a young age, friends you know you can trust, you will find it easier to overcome difficult times.

It is unfortunate we live in a society full of broken people who often won’t have the right words to say the right thing to support you. They may mean well in supporting how we feel, but often they are clueless.

There may be times when you explain to someone how you are really feeling and what they say causes more damage.

Make sure you surround yourself with people who really can support, not discourage, you when feeling unhappy.