Christmas is fast approaching!

It’s important the parade continues – but safely

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Do you ever get frustrated when friends say: ‘Only 30 more days to go until Christmas’?

It may excite you – you might be one of those people who actually enjoys counting down the days until the big day has arrived.

However you feel about the countdown, there’s no escaping the traditions of Christmas – the family, friends and fun, as well as the roast dinner and the Queen’s speech.

There are lots of different events coming up soon that will give young people in the Portsmouth area the chance to get together with family and friends over the Christmas period.

There’s the Christmas light switch-on to look forward to and there are other free festive activities to join in with.

It all helps spread that positive spirit.

Young people in Portsmouth are privileged because of the amount of things going on locally.

Let’s make sure we make the most of it.