Christmas is run by mums

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The new Christmas advert for supermarket Asda has been causing some controversy and has been branded sexist by some.

It shows a pretty lady playing the part of a mum who is rushing around at a hectic pace getting everything ready for the perfect Christmas. From choosing and decorating the Christmas tree, to wrapping presents and cooking the dinner, mum is getting it done.

The festive ad ends with the slogan ‘Behind every great Christmas, there’s mum’.

Basically the message is that mum works extremely hard for her family at Christmas time. But people have complained that it stereotypes both men and women.

Although I agree it could be viewed as sexist, for the most part it’s true.

In my experience, Christmas wouldn’t have been the same without my mum and her amazing ability to do what seems like a million things at once.

But equally, dads are just as amazing too and it’s important to remember that the advert is just doing what every advert does – talking to its target audience.