City’s traffic makes me feel like Michael Douglas in film

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So a survey has revealed Portsmouth narrowly misses out topping the national league table for road rage.

I can’t say I’m surprised it’s so high. A few minutes on the roads into Portsmouth is enough to make anyone feel like Michael Douglas’s character when he totally loses it in the film Falling Down.

There are too many people and too many cars squashed on to an island with only three ways on and off

Apparently each road rage event lasts for four minutes, including the time spent fuming about it afterwards.

Four minutes! Is that all? Have they ever driven in Portsmouth?

Go down one of the streets leading off from the main roads running through North End and Copnor and the battle of wills with an oncoming driver as to who is going to move over / reverse all the way back into an available space is likely to take up the best part of the four minutes alone.

This will then be followed by some good old-fashioned Portsmouth slang, vigorous hand gestures and beeping horns.

Is it any surprise though? The traffic situation is ridiculous at best.

There are too many people and too many cars squashed on to an island with only three ways on and off.

I tried to drive into Southsea last weekend, but turned round and gave up after the traffic on the Eastern Road went back to The Harvester. All this because people fancied a day at the beach.

And when there’s an accident…wow. Just find the nearest shop that stocks camping equipment, make your way there, buy a tent and pitch it somewhere for a couple of days while you wait for it all to clear.

There’s got to be a better way. Someone, somewhere is getting paid to oversee this grand debacle. Do they sit in their office all day playing solitaire?

They must fly into work on a helicopter and then pop out to get their lunch-time panini on a hoverboard!

There’s going to come a tipping point when it all grinds to a halt and there’ll be no playing solitaire then, when the proverbial is flying about the place and people are demanding action.

And who really wants to be travelling into the city on the park and ride? The buses take just as long to get into town anyway.