Clashes in the naming game

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Last week the world got to see the Duchess of Cambridge and her baby bump for the first time.

Of course, speculation is already high over what the new royal baby will be called. But these photos of Kate have apparently caused many more people to head to the bookies to place a bet on the name.

Obviously traditional royal names like Victoria and Charles are getting good odds and, of course, the name Diana will probably appear on quite a few betting slips as it was recently voted the people’s choice for the new-born.

If the royal couple are anything like we were when we were expecting our daughters, choosing the name won’t be easy.

Apparently half of all expectant parents will have an argument or disagreement while discussing baby names. And when you finally agree, a spanner is put in the works when you remember your friend has a dog with that name and so you’re back to square one.

One thing’s for sure, with the whole world putting forward suggestions, they can’t be short of ideas.