Clean up the lyrics and the airplay will look after itself

EDITED Jessie J's song can't be played in full on the radio
EDITED Jessie J's song can't be played in full on the radio

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If you’re a pop star, surely one of your biggest aims is to get your music played on the radio.

That might sound a tad old-fashioned to all those fans of more modern gizmos – like iPods – but there’s still a place for the reliable radio and getting your song on the airwaves can only help sales.

It doesn’t matter that those sales tend to come in download format rather than CD singles these days (I suspect that makes me sound very old).

Now, I get why Sir Cliff Richard might struggle to get his stuff played on the radio. Although Devil Woman is certainly one of the best pop songs ever written.

But I’ve noticed that some of today’s singers are actively making it very hard for themselves to get played too.

Take Rihanna for example. She’s responsible for one of this year’s catchiest pop tunes but radio stations can’t play the whole thing in full because it’s so flipping rude.

They’re just not allowed to include the version that bangs on about whips and chains. Quite right too.

And then there’s Jessie J. It took me quite a while to realise why her song Do It Like A Dude sounded so odd when ever I did hear it on the radio.

It had to be edited so much that the general effect was a peculiar, disjointed, sound.

Why would she want to do that to her own music?

Torn between being edgy and played on the radio, they’ve made their choice and crammed their songs full of swear words, sexual innuendo and a fair bit of filth.

That means the radio edits have to come into play and they often don’t sound as good as the originals.

Wouldn’t it be easier if Jessie and the rest just left out the swearing? It’s not cool Jess, it’s not clever.

Of course I’m not expecting them to produce modern day versions of The Sound of Music’s My Favourite Things – although, that would be quite nice.

But cleaner versions of their own material would get played more often and they’d be doing all the parents out there a favour too. If you’ve got kids, you don’t really want them singing along to Jessie’s real lyrics.

I suspect that might be her point.