Clegg’s same-sex marriage gaffe proves he’s a liability

COMMENT: A move in the right direction but still not a win for all

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Nick Clegg exists in that arrogant, rarefied world of the morally superior, where people who do not agree with his views are immediately dismissed as ‘bigots.’

It happened again this week when he reacted to people who felt that legislation for same-sex marriage was probably not a priority for the coalition at the present time.

His petulant response was to include the ‘b’ word in the first draft of his speech on the matter – which was then, through malice or incompetence, released to the media.

Some frantic back-tracking ensued and a re-draft was quickly issued – but by then the damage had been done.

Clegg has always been an embarrassment as a leader – he is now becoming something of a liability.