CLIVE SMITH: Doctor Who was written as a male, let's leave it at that

Without going full geek, I understand that Doctor Who is an alien and can regenerate into whatever it wants '“ so why not a woman?

Tuesday, 25th July 2017, 11:07 am
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 1:13 pm
Jodie Whittaker is the next actor in line to play Doctor Who

I get this fact, and I haven’t got a problem with women having strong lead roles in film and TV either. There have been some good ones recently, such as in Game of Thrones.

I’m sure, though, the feminists will still scream ‘misogynist’, but for me making the Time Lord a woman is a typical BBC box-ticking exercise that just stinks of pandering to the diversity crowd.

I just don’t see why political statements should be made with such iconic things as Doctor Who.

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I like watching a bit of foreign cinema now and again, and you never hear people saying: ‘You’ve cast too many Japanese people in this film, you better add more white people in the sequel.’

Why should they? I’ve never watched an Asian film which has left me seething about the lack of diversity in it.

How long will it be before Big Ben is changed to Big Bernadette? Or James Bond is Jane Bond, in her Louboutins and taking out the baddies with hair straighteners and laser nail files?

It’s a fictional character so I suppose the Doctor could be a giraffe if the writers wanted, but it was written as a male character, just leave it at that.

How about we have a film about Nelson Mandela played by a white actor? It sounds ludicrous, there would be uproar! Or Queen Victoria portrayed by David Tennant?

The problem now though is, if it flops, the feminists will be blaming everyone for hating women when in reality it should never have been changed in the first place.

People will look back on it in a few season’s time and it will be like Maggie Thatcher and Theresa May – never again.

I haven’t watched the programme for years anyway, and that’s not about to change.


It seems acid is worryingly becoming a popular weapon and now people are calling for restrictions on its selling.

The problem, though, isn’t with the availability of acid, but with the scum who think it’s okay to throw the acid in people’s faces.

You can go ahead and ban guns, knives, stun guns and dangerous dogs, but you won’t change a damn thing until the people who use them are banned.

But that would never do though, would it?

Let’s look for the reason behind the violence: foreign policy, dad’s done a runner, mum’s a crack fiend, austerity, Theresa May, Brexit, et cetera...

Let’s blame everything apart from the person who has just melted someone’s face.


So French President Emmanuel Macron believes terrorism is linked to climate change.

Wow! You just couldn’t make it up. How these people get into such positions of power really is mind-boggling.

I know when people get hot they become a little short-tempered, but I hardly think it constitutes mowing people down in vans.

Anyway, a lot of these terrorist atrocities happen in countries where the climate is somewhat cooler, often perpetrated by someone born in that country.

You’re not seriously trying to tell me they’ve decided to blow people up because the sunburn on their shoulders is slightly worse than usual, or that they’re worried about the longevity of the Arctic fox. Ridiculous!