CLIVE SMITH: Don’t claw hammer the people who might one day save your life

Watching horror films will help you lose weight... allegedly
Watching horror films will help you lose weight... allegedly
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I’ve never understood people abusing and assaulting NHS staff. They’re there to help you for God’s sake.

We’ve all seen it on TV programmes, and pop into A&E on a Saturday night and you’ll see it.

A man from Tyne and Wear recently died when paramedics refused to treat him without police back-up.

The man in question had a history of violence towards paramedics including incidents involving claw hammers.

It was an hour after arriving at his house before they went in to treat him. The subsequent inquest was told the man died of a pulmonary embolism.

Ambulance workers have children, wives and husbands to go home to. They don’t need to get attacked going about their day trying to save lives and perhaps not making it home to see their own families.

I’m sure the ambulance staff were upset about the way it turned out, but I totally agree with their reasons for waiting for police back-up. They don’t sign up to get assaulted. I just hope they weren’t found negligent or were reprimanded in any way. They were well within their rights to safeguard themselves.

I read one comment in which someone suggested that paramedics not attending this incident was like a firefighter not going into a burning building. What a ludicrous way of thinking!

A firefighter expects to put out fires and the dangers that come with it. A paramedic should be expecting to help people and maybe see some vomit and blood at the same time, not take a hammer to the head when they’ve got the defibrillator out.

Had he not acted violently towards ambulance staff on previous occasions there is every chance he may still be alive. Maybe this will be a lesson to those who think it is OK to abuse NHS staff, although unfortunately it probably won’t.

They say don’t bite the hand that feeds you or in this case: don’t claw hammer the people that one day might save your life.


Thanks to the good folks from the University of Westminster we don’t have to feel so bad about loafing about on the sofa watching movies.

They’ve discovered that watching a horror movie can burn as many calories as going for an hour’s walk. So, forget those gym sign-ups in the new year and get a membership from your local Odeon.

It can’t be long before they start selling Herbalife instead of overpriced Fanta.

There were plenty of horrors on over Halloween but it seems my waistline is still looking to pop a few buttons off my trousers. I don’t think the scientists took into consideration my kids’ trick or treat haul, or that the shops have started selling mince pies.


If you’ve ever paid cash for something to get it cheaper or been paid cash-in-hand for a job, then you’re a tax dodger.

It happens every day in every walk of life.

We’ve all done it – paid cash to get £3,000 off a new conservatory or £80 off a new head gasket.

So, shock horror that people with more money than us are doing it too.

Everyone is losing their minds about it. I couldn’t care less. It’s always going to happen, you would do it, so would I.

Anyone having to pay £400,000 tax on £1m would be mad to not try to avoid paying it.

People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.