CLIVE SMITH: Fighting women: tokenism has no place on battlefield

In wars such as Iraq, the British military did not allow women in ground combat - although even in non-combat roles they came under fire
In wars such as Iraq, the British military did not allow women in ground combat - although even in non-combat roles they came under fire
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So women are now able to apply to enter the RAF Regiment – the ground-fighting force for protecting air bases – to serve on the frontline.

This follows the decision by the government to lift the ban on women having roles in the armed forces which could require close combat.

Defence secretary Sir Michael Fallon has hailed the move as a ‘defining moment’ for the armed forces.

I’m sure he meant that positively, but I can see this being a ‘defining moment’ for the wrong reasons.

For me it’s just another example of where political correctness has replaced common sense. I expect in years to come the idiots behind this will be forced to admit they made a mistake, for tokenism has no place on the battlefield.

I know serving soldiers who oppose the idea, male and female.

British colonel, Richard Kemp, a former commander of British forces in Afghanistan, is against the idea. He was branded a ‘sexist dinosaur’ for having this view. What a joke – I’m sure the screeching feminists know more than him!

Of course, if a female can reach the standards required to be on the front line without having them lowered, then they deserve the chance.

But guess what – plans are afoot to lower standards to allow more women in. Crazy.

Standards exist for a reason. Lowering them will only result in more repatriation ceremonies.

And imagine if Isis were to catch a female soldier... it doesn’t bear thinking about. The depravity that would be played out live on the internet would be appalling. Do we really want this for our daughters?

Women aren’t physically the same as men. The average man has more muscle mass, more upper body strength and speed. Women are twice as likely to get injured as their male counterparts. In a one-to-one fight to the death, man against woman, a man will come out on top most of the time.

It stands to reason then that women will be in greater danger than their male colleagues. It’s the way nature made us. Maybe mother nature was the sexist one...


It’s only now and again that we get to glimpse the workings of life at Buckingham Palace.

Unless you’re lucky enough to hook-up with royalty at the polo, the occasional documentary is the closest most of us will ever get to the royals.

I imagine they’re the same as most families – Charles stays up late with a few cans of Stella watching Babestation while The Queen fumes at Philip because he’s left the toilet seat up.

Recently though they have discovered that hallucinogenic magic mushrooms are growing in the grounds.

So, in other news, the head gamekeeper has been sacked for painting a rude body part in the Queen’s Gallery, trying to fly like a swan over the palace lake and shot-putting a corgi into the greenhouse.


This year’s Child Genius has finished and again there was some pretty impressive stuff.

There was a 12-year-old kid called Rahul who managed to memorise a whole deck of cards! I can’t even remember which side the petrol goes in on my car.

I did manage to spell absquatulate correctly – I celebrated this with a strong cider and finished off a few more brain cells.

Rahul eventually lifted the trophy and he seemed pretty pleased.

His dad though was over the moon. He held it aloft like he’d just won the World Cup. Pipe down mate, it’s not about you.

I bet he got home filled it with Champers and sent the boy to his room to learn a Spanish thesaurus – daddy needs another trophy.