CLIVE SMITH: Forget your social media biogs and say yes to offer

After a memorable weekend of celebrations for Pompey fans, attention has now turned to Michael Eisner's takeover bid.

Tuesday, 16th May 2017, 6:47 am
Michael Eisner

The debate really started in earnest with the question and answer session with prospective owner Mr Eisner down at the Guildhall.

Some of the questions from the audience were beauties, weren’t they? I’d like to know how someone can sit there for the whole evening and finally get the chance to speak, but then just ask a question that had already been answered.

Potential owners have to get through a fit and proper person test before they can purchase a club. Well, I think the people who ask questions at these kinds of forums should have to sit one too.

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Some of the questions were embarrassing. It sounded like half of the people who piped up had spent too much time in Wetherspoons beforehand.

There were plain stupid questions like ‘what do you think of ‘‘scummers’’?’

Michael Eisner was the CEO of Disney for 20 odd years. I’m sure he hasn’t really got an opinion on Southampton fans.

Was the questioner expecting Eisner to jump up on the table and lead a terrace chant? I was surprised he never looked across at his team, gave them a nod and headed straight for Heathrow.

It’s like when someone from Portsmouth is interviewed on TV. They somehow always manage to feature the biggest dinlos going. The production companies must send researchers out just to find them.

Radio phone-ins after the football are the worst. It’s real toe-curling stuff, so bad that I have to turn it off.

One contentious point at the Guildhall meeting was having no fan representation on the board. But if you were to spend £5m on a new house, you wouldn’t want the postman from down the Dog and Duck having a say on how it was going to be furnished, would you? To me, it’s pretty much the same principle.

After listening to some of those idiotic questions, you can’t really blame Mr Eisner, can you?

I know people like to have ‘owner of Portsmouth Football Club’ on their social media biogs. But we’re not going to get a better offer than Mr Eisner’s. Take it.


Wedding season is upon us and every day it creeps closer is another day of opening the wardrobe door in the morning, spotting your suit hung up in the corner and knowing that you need to make another trip to the clothes shops.

I put off trying on my suit until a few days before a recent wedding. In the end, I only got it on with the help of a shoehorn and a liberal coating of margarine.

After trying on various suits and jacket and trouser combinations and finding they don’t fit, I’ve decided that it’s all the fault of fashion.

All these ‘slim fit’ and ‘tapered’ styles just don’t suit a man of my age and physique.

Nothing to do with a lack of cardiovascular activity!


For all its good bits, social media certainly has plenty of bad elements.

Those with children of secondary school age will testify to this.

Life just seemed a lot easier back when we were younger.

If things weren’t bad enough, you now have sociopaths creating games that encourage youngsters who play them to commit suicide.

The twisted Blue Whale Game is an example – it has been linked to at least 130 teenage deaths in Russia and police in the UK have now started warning parents about the challenge.

Instagram has begun showing users a warning when they search for pictures relating to Blue Whale.

But someone brainwashing impressionable young people to this extent really should have no place in society.