CLIVE SMITH: Girls who enter beauty contests are doing it of their own free will

Seventeen-year-old Kathryn Osgood, from Bedhampton, has won Miss Portsmouth and with enough votes in her heat will be able to progress through to the Miss England finals. Good luck to her, I hope she makes it.

Monday, 18th June 2018, 9:00 pm
Updated Tuesday, 19th June 2018, 4:54 pm
Kathryn Osgood

Following her win, she plans to embark on a year of beauty pageants. ‘Beauty’ is the operative word here because with the current feminist lunacy flying about at the moment it may not last much longer. Just look at America.

Miss America organisers have announced: ‘We will no longer judge our candidates on their outward physical appearance.’ Apparently, it’s ’what comes out of their mouths that we care about’.

No it is not. No one watching a beauty pageant gives two hoots about someone talking garbage about world peace.

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What will America look like when some swamp donkey wins their heat because she can have a great chat about humanitarian issues in South Sudan and then has to waddle on the stage among the hottest girls on the planet at Miss World.

All these people calling it misogynistic and sexist are completely missing the point.

The girls who enter are doing it of their own free will and I think most people calling for it all to end are just jealous.

I know the whole thing is probably a bit outdated and not as popular as it once was, but some people really enjoy it, some girls make careers out of it. Some people still enjoy watching it. Actually, in America more women watch it than men.

What about bodybuilding competitions? Those men are ripped, posing in literally next to nothing, every inch of their body scrutinised. There’s no outrage about them being objectified. I don’t look at my gut spilling over my shorts and feel outraged.

So, if it’s not a beauty contest any more what’s the point of the whole thing?

It’s like judging a spelling bee on looks and not your ability to spell. You can’t spell misandry but make a point anyway because your eyebrows are ‘on fleek’ and you look great in a swimsuit.


There has been some outrage in the Devon town of Colyton after Claire Mountjoy received an anonymous letter from neighbours asking her to stop hanging laundry outside the front of her home. They even told her to buy a tumble dryer.

Imagine being offended by something that everyone wears and being that much of a prude you have to write a letter to your neighbour because they hang their knickers out the front. ‘Quick, someone call the police. There’s a pervert living here!’ Ridiculous.

Apparently, it is ruining the town’s image and putting tourists off visiting.

Give it a rest. You’ve had a wonderful day, the tea and scones were to die for, but you’ve got home and had to write a scathing review on TripAdvisor because you saw someone’s pants hanging up.


Apparently, Portsmouth will be the most expensive city in the country to watch the World Cup.

Football fans are expected to spend 47.4 per cent of their wages watching the tournament. £1,252 to be precise.

It’s good for the ailing pub industry and maybe when I was younger I’d have spent a bit, but I can’t see me splashing that kind of money now and to be honest, I’ve never been less interested in a tournament like this since I started watching football.

I’ll obviously watch all the games, I’ve had to put up with Love Island and all the other guff that keeps appearing on TV, so the rest of the family can enjoy the delights of Morocco v Iran and Panama v Tunisia – that one has all the makings of a classic.