CLIVE SMITH: How can we evolve if our heritage is sanitised?

Calls have been made to remove Nelson's Column
Calls have been made to remove Nelson's Column
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It didn’t take long for all this confederate nonsense in America to filter through to the idiots in this country willing to jump on the latest bandwagon, did it?

Guardian writer Afua Hirsch wants Nelson’s Column taken down because of its links to oppression.

Every culture, religion and country has dark skeletons in the closet

The whole idea is absurd – he’s a national icon, for God’s sake.

How out of touch does someone have to be for them to want to dismantle the proud achievements of a country just because it suits their own political agenda?

It’s sad how little regard people have for the sacrifices and bravery some of these people immortalised in statues and monuments made for us to live as we do now.

Why don’t we all head down to the dockyard with flaming torches and set fire to HMS Victory – it played such a horrible role in defending this country at the Battle of Trafalgar.

In 1933 Nazis set fire to books, more recently ISIS razed historic sites and in the past couple of weeks liberals toppled confederate statues in America and now old Nelson’s Column is on the hitlist!

Strange how two supposed political extremes have such similar ideas.

You’d think seeing ISIS on the news erasing history would sadden most normal people.

But it seems to have inspired morons around the world to do just the same.

It can’t be long before there are calls for the Empire State building to be flattened – it’s a constant reminder of sadder times when King Kong couldn’t scale it without being shot at.

And what about Notre Dame? Get it removed –it’s not fair on hunchbacks.

Civilisations can’t evolve without history.

Every culture, religion and country has dark skeletons in the closet.

Sanitising the past doesn’t help.

Whether this past was right or wrong it is part of our country’s heritage and identity.

How can people learn from it if it is hidden away?

If you don’t like the culture or history of the country you are currently living in there are plenty more you could choose from.

I hear Somalia is nice this time of year.


There was a survey recently that revealed that 37 is the age when most people feel they are too old to go out clubbing.

My mum has just got back from Ibiza and she’s not far off collecting her free bus pass.

So you’d think it would have been nice restaurants with a few quiet drinks and stroll around the old town.

It was nothing of the sort. A picture has appeared on the website of world-famous dance club Zoo Project and the old dear is among a group of young revellers throwing some serious shapes on the dance floor.

Apparently she was reaching for the lasers all night. I get the hump having to reach for the TV remote, let alone doing big fish little fish

on the dance floor when I’m into my sixties!


Daytime TV really does show our great nation in all its glory, doesn’t it?

You have Jeremy Kyle with its endless stream of degenerates willing to air all their dirty washing in public.

And then there’s Judge Rinder with some of the oddest people around.

I saw one the other day where a woman tried suing her own dad because her ferret got injured when he was looking after it. Imagine


This sort of thing wouldn’t even enter into the minds of most sane people. I’m guessing the Sunday roast round at her parents’ house is going to be a bit awkward.

I know people want their 15 minutes of fame but there has got to be better ways than that, surely?