CLIVE SMITH: If this becomes the norm, it could end up like 1984

Fidget spinners
Fidget spinners
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There’s some real PC guff flying about at the moment.

Just when you think you’ve heard it all, avoiding eye contact with someone or asking where they are originally from has now been deemed as ‘racist micro-aggression’.

Oxford University’s Equality and Diversity Unit published the guidelines as part of a uni newspaper for the new term.

It said these two common behaviours could potentially affect the mental health of the person concerned.

But now the uni has apologised because of complaints that the guidelines discriminate against people with autism.

The whole thing’s daft if you ask me.

When most people ask someone with a foreign accent where they are from, it is because they are genuinely interested or are just trying to make conversation.

Are we not allowed to be interested in each other any more?

If someone chooses to take offence because of such a question, then I think it is he or she who has the problem and not the other way round.

What the heck is ‘micro-aggression’ anyway?

I hate these words that people make up. And what shocks me is that it is coming from Oxford University, no less.

Isn’t it meant to be one of the best universities in the world?

If this sort of thing becomes the norm, we’ll end up with the thought police in a 1984-type society predicted by George Orwell.

What scares me is that the people who are studying at Oxford will go on to have influential jobs in the shaping of this country.

And here’s another thing. In most Asian countries I believe it is considered rude to make direct eye contact.

Are they racist? Of course not.

And what about those who are shy or have social anxiety? Are they now to be classed as racist because they are not happy making eye contact with other people?

Well at least there’ll be an opening in the market for another hipster hangout.

They could open up a ‘stare café’ where people can come in and drink disgusting craft ales whilst looking at each other to prove how PC they are!


After loom bands, there’s now another playground craze busy sweeping the nation – fidget spinners.

Originally they were designed for kids who have problems with ADHD and anxiety and, like all the best ideas, it’s really a very simple one.

Basically, a fidget spinner is a circle of bearings with other circles that spin around it.

We took the kids down to Southsea on the bank holiday and were having a nice day out until they spotted somewhere selling these spinners.

Of course they had to have some.

We were then dragged back to the car to drive them home so the afternoon could be spent playing with these whirring toys.

Oh joy...


So Theresa May has met the Queen for a mug of builders’ and a Hobnob and formally dissolved parliament

Lib Dem leader Tim Farron is in for a difficult time defending his Westmorland and Lonsdale seat as he’s up against a fish finger.

Bookies have the fish finger as third favourite to win.

I’d love it if Mr Fish Finger won and he bowled into parliament in full costume.

And Diane Abbott has had a nightmare on an LBC radio show. The shadow home secretary gave several estimates for how much additional police officers would cost, ranging from £300,000 to £80m.

It won’t affect her chances though. You could put a red rosette on a camel and it would still win Hackney North and Stoke Newington.