CLIVE SMITH: Nappy changing nonsense is a step too far

Did you have your nappy changed as a baby without giving permission?

Clive says it's ridiculous to ask a baby for permission to change its nappy    Credit: PA
Clive says it's ridiculous to ask a baby for permission to change its nappy Credit: PA

Have you been affected as a result? Then join with millions of others in the #mepoo movement against forced nappy changes.

The latest absurd idea from the glorious minds of the PC brigade is that babies should give their consent before you can change their dirty nappies.

So-called sexuality expert Deanne Carson thinks it will create a ‘culture of consent’.

You think you’ve heard it all, but there’s always something, isn’t there?

As we go further and further into the land of political correctness the stranger and stranger it gets.

What a weird world these people live in.

Do they talk about this kind of rubbish with their ‘normal’ friends over a pint in the local or do all these odd-balls just live together in a commune and now and again one is let out into society to air their crazy ideas?

In an interview Carson shared statistics of child sexual assault and went on to say ‘The work we do with children, teachers and parents is the international best practice in abuse prevention.’


To liken changing a nappy to sexual assault is a complete insult to the victims of sexual assault. What an appalling way of thinking.

I just don’t get how people can think that asking consent from a baby makes any sense.

When they can eventually talk and have an understanding of yes and no, and they say no to being changed, are you going to leave them walking with a filthy nappy all day? Of course you’re not.

So you’re basically saying their consent means nothing anyway. It’s utterly pointless.

I remember the good old days when leaving a toddler in a soiled nappy was frowned upon, you were seen as a bad parent.

I feel sorry for any children who are brought into this world by people who think in such a way.


It’s all been kicking off over on the Israeli – Gaza border again.

There’s more headlines of death and injury, including that of an eight-month-old baby supposedly killed after inhaling tear gas.

Now, it’s obviously no good when babies are dying, whatever side of the fence you are on.

But you have to ask yourself, what the hell is a mother doing taking her baby to such a place?

There’s tyres being set on fire, rocks being thrown around, tear gas and live rounds going off everywhere.

Most people would be taking their kids to a petting zoo or the Palestinian version of Peppa Pig World not to somewhere for all intents and purposes is no better than a war zone.

In bad pad parenting 101 this would be right up near the top.

Absolutely atrocious.


For some reason, I’m not sure why, I’ve always watched the Eurovision Song Contest. This year was no different.

I didn’t think our entry was too bad this year in comparison to years gone by.

Obviously not helped by some idiot Corbynite running on stage, grabbing the microphone and shouting some protest guff.

How boring.

But yet again we end up among the entries jostling for the wooden spoon. It’s political voting at its finest.

I don’t think there is a more disliked country anywhere else in Europe.

No one seems to be particularly fond of us one bit. We may as well just get a few geezers together next year and take to the stage and sing a stirring rendition of Millwall’s, No One Likes Us, We Don’t Care.