CLIVE SMITH: Our mollycoddling society is breeding out common sense

'Supporters will end up watching the action through binoculars,' says Clive
'Supporters will end up watching the action through binoculars,' says Clive
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Who knew that cars travelling at high speed over bumpy, unstable terrain were dangerous?

And that standing at a roadside watching them ‘fly’ by might pose problems if a car were to go ‘off-piste’ ploughing into the watching public.

Well, according to an inquiry into the deaths of three spectators at a rally in the Scottish borders, it is. Well I never, what a surprise.

It found the organisers failed to warn people where it was dangerous to stand.

Motorsport isn’t my thing, but whenever I’ve come across rallying while flicking channels I’ve always been amazed at how close the spectators are to the car. How is it possible for someone not to realise that where they are standing could be dangerous? If you can’t see it, I guess your days might be numbered anyway.

After this ruling I expect the no-win-no-fee, ambulance-chasing lawyer types will be handing out flyers at every event from now on. ‘Have you been involved in an accident recently? Standing on a dangerous corner, a few feet from speeding cars, that wasn’t your fault? Call...’

This modern society of do-gooders and mollycoddling is breeding out common sense and people’s ability to think for themselves. It’s the bag of nuts that comes with the ‘may contain nuts’ syndrome all over

again. It’s self-explanatory, not something that needs pointing out. This is the reason we have instructions on shampoo!

We’ll end up with a society of lemmings throwing ourselves off cliffs because no-one has told us it’s dangerous to jump from high places.

What were these people expecting to see that day? A few go-carts knocked up by someone’s dad in the garage, cobbled together with a few bits of wood, string and pushchair wheels?

Unfortunately, for the people who enjoy watching this there will probably now be repercussions from this inquiry and with everyone but the spectators to blame there will be a raft of measures to be implemented that will ruin the spectacle for everyone.

Supporters will end up watching the action through binoculars from the stand protected by industrial-grade bubble wrap and marshalled by stewards trained at the SS school of policing.


L Ron Hubbard said: ‘You don’t get rich writing science fiction. If you want to get rich, you start a religion.’ And then he created Scientology.

So, I fail to see how Jediism, a religion based on the depiction of the Jedi characters from the Star Wars franchise is any different.

Its followers have come in for lots of ridicule but if it makes people happy let them crack on.

It might sound absurd but it’s no more ridiculous than any other religion knocking about. They all start out the same way; someone has an idea and people follow.

Although, how long will it be before they start building a Death Star after declaring Jihad on other religions with which they get the hump.


Some people should never be released from prison and Jon Venables, the killer of James Bulger, is one of them.

For the second time since being released from prison for the toddler’s murder he is back inside after being caught with child porn.

How many chances does someone need? He’s clearly a danger to children.

Hanging would be the best option here, but as that’s a non-starter. Throw him in solitary and let him rot there for the rest of his days.

And why is his identity still being kept a secret from the public? He isn’t a kid any longer.

Human rights shouldn’t apply to someone like this. Why is his safety being protected at the expense of everyone else?