CLIVE SMITH: The dressing-up corner is now no longer safe from the PC brigade

The drivers' dispute might be over, but at what cost?
The drivers' dispute might be over, but at what cost?
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The Church of England has added its twopenneth into the trans-gender debate by saying C of E schools should let children experiment with their gender identity without being bullied or criticised, adding that ‘a child may choose the tutu, princess’s tiara and heels and/or the fireman’s helmet... without exception or comment’.

Isn’t this what happens in schools and pre-schools all the time anyway? It’s called playing.

I doubt a teacher is going to see a girl dressed as Spiderman and demand she puts on an Elsa dress.

I get the impression the Church is just releasing soundbites to go along with what’s in vogue at the moment.

Why does it even need to draw attention to something kids have always done? Let’s not make an issue where there hasn’t been one before. Good grief, even ‘dressing-up corner’ isn’t safe any longer.

Every day when me or the missus picked up one of my daughters from pre-school we were told she’d spent the whole morning/day dressed as a dog! I doubt she was exploring the idea that when she was older she might identify as a dog and go about the rest of her days known Rover. She was just having fun and as parents we never thought for one minute she may identify as a dog.

We never pushed the idea on to her. We never walked her about on a leash, threw sticks for her to chase in the park or made her eat dinner from a bowl on the kitchen floor.

Too many parents seem to want to label their kids. So what if little Joe wants to dress up as Cinderella, you don’t need to question his gender. There’s no need to start buying him clothes from New Look and putting ideas into his head. Kids are impressionable, let them sort things out for themselves.

If, in the future Joe says he’d rather be Joanne, then help out in any way you can, let it play out naturally.

The way things are going we will have a whole generation of confused children and young adults so is it any wonder mental health issues are on the increase among the young?


I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather recently and, as you do, I went on to Google and faced a host of different scenarios; buying a pot of multi-vitamins was the best. The worst, deportation to a leprosy colony.

So, after the thoroughly depressing appointment with Dr Google I was on the look-out for something a bit more light-hearted, but alas the first thing I saw pop up on my feed was an article about the worrying return of the Black Death.

After painting a red cross on my front door, I trudged off to bed and considered what the plague had in stall for me.

Oh well, at least I won’t be putting on any weight this Christmas.


‘It’s about safety, not money,’ they said.

Then there’s a saying that goes: ‘If they say it’s not about money, then it’s about money.’

So, is it really a surprise to see drivers with Southern Railway calling off their long-running dispute over ‘safety’ after they were offered a 28.5 per cent pay rise over five years, taking salaries up by about £14,000 a year to about £63,000.

That’ how much your safety is worth folks!

Southern Railway will have to recoup that money somehow and so the people crying about safety will have something else to moan about when jobs are lost and the cost of their daily commute goes up.

For further details about ‘public safety’ and pay rises see Junior Doctors...