CLIVE SMITH: What's the point of marking the occasion and not naming it?

So the National Trust caused outrage by dropping the word '˜Easter' from its annual egg hunt.

Tuesday, 11th April 2017, 6:01 am
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 6:19 pm
Easter eggs

The event sees thousands of children search for chocolate eggs at National Trust sites and has apparently been called the Easter Egg Trail for years.

This year, though, it has been called the Great British Egg Hunt, so it also appeals to non-Christians.

Hmm, so they don’t want to offend non-Christians, but are okay with offending Christians.

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Prime minister Theresa May has weighed into the debate, saying the decision to remove the mention of Christianity from the yearly children’s fun event is ‘just ridiculous’.

I think she has a point. We are a predominantly Christian country and the watering-down of our identity happens far too often nowadays.

If they want to drop the religious connotations, why not have the egg hunt in November?

What is the point in marking an occasion and not naming it?

Look, I’m not religious in any way whatsoever. I’m sure the kids aren’t bothered about the Easter bit either, as they just want to bring on the early stages of childhood obesity and stuff their faces with chocolate rabbits and cream eggs.

But whether or not you’re a Christian is beside the point.

It’s always been called an Easter egg hunt. It’s a tradition in this country, Easter is a religious festival here, so why pander to others in case they might get offended?

No other culture changes its traditions for us – and why should they? You wouldn’t get national institutions in Thailand dropping Wesak from any of its Buddhist festivities just because the English ex-pats might get the hump about it. And there would be no way Ramadan would be changed to ‘let’s not eat for the day’.

There’ll be a lot of finger-pointing at other faiths, but I doubt they are even that bothered about it.

It’s just the do-gooders again thinking that they know what is best for other people.

Quite frankly, I’m sick of them!


So some MPs have suggested that 50 per cent of company boards should be made up of women by 2020.

What rubbish! Positive discrimination at its finest.

What happened to getting a job on merit? Boards should be made up of the best and most qualified candidates – their sex should be irrelevant.

By having quotas, you will only end up with the wrong candidates.

If this 50 per cent figure is so important, then women should make up 50 per cent of all crews working a night shift resurfacing motorways.

And sewer workers are nearly 100 per cent male. Where are the calls for equality here?

It’s easy to call for equality if you’ll be sitting in a nice air-conditioned office instead of sifting through sewage.


Who knew that one of the most fearsome creatures to ever walk this earth was actually a gentle, sensual beast?

Yep, it seems that the mighty dinosaur T-Rex was all about lurrrve.

Well, actually they rubbed their sensitive noses together as some sort of sign of affection.

That’s what a scientist in America thinks anyway – but I reckon that he’s just made it up.

There’s no way they could tell these things from some fossils!

What has happened here? Has an archaeologist found some old T-Rex bones with scented candles dotted about the place and a Barry White album?

This could really dent the T-Rex’s image as the ultimate Jurassic bad boy.