CLIVE SMITH: What's wrong with Trump calling it as it?

Donald Trump has caused outrage around the world again. Apparently in a meeting with a group of lawmakers he expressed frustration that the United States was taking in too many people from countries he described with an abusive term; countries from Africa and the Americas. He then suggested America should be taking in more people from the likes of Norway.

Monday, 22nd January 2018, 8:03 pm
Donald Trump - has caused outrage again

There were cries of racism, as usual. But having an opinion on the state of another country is not racist.

The phrase he used described a country. There was nothing racist about it.

I swear half the world’s population doesn’t understand what racism is any more. A country is not a race. Norway has black people, Africa has white.

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Trump may say things that people don’t like, but it’s the truth. People called for him to apologise but he shouldn’t have to say sorry for something that is true. What he said is no more racist than saying France is great (it isn’t by the way).

I don’t see any citizens from the likes of Spain and Italy cobbling crafts together and setting sail across perilous seas hoping to land on the golden shores of Libya to make a new life for themselves with all the benefits that such a country could offer.

There were the usual cries on social media by outraged celebrities – Gary Lineker et al – but I don’t see them leaving their ivory towers to holiday in the likes of South Sudan or Haiti. Strange that.

There are places in England that match Trump’s description, there are places in Portsmouth that do. What’s wrong for calling it as it is?

If these places are so great, then let’s stop taking refugees from them, stop sending foreign aid and cancel Comic Relief while we’re at it.

I’m thinking of taking the kids to Somalia on holiday this year. I hear the all-inclusive package to Mogadishu is great – it’s reasonably priced too for two weeks in the school summer holidays. With a backdrop of terrorism and kidnapping I couldn’t think of anywhere better.

And I’m hoping to spot some of these offended celebrities as I sip cocktails while floating down the open sewers on my lilo.


RIP Dry January 1-1-2018 – 13-1-2018. Not a bad innings to be fair.

People really do attempt it, but why is it even a thing? What earthly reason is there for making a thoroughly miserable month even worse than it is?

If January was a day it would be Monday. Unfortunately, there are 31 of them to contend with.

The only thing that will be dry this month for me is my bank balance.

They say people will start reaping the benefits of not drinking after just two weeks.

The only benefit I’ve seen is supermarkets virtually giving away booze.

I managed to pick up a bottle of Buck’s Fizz for 99p and I don’t even like it.


I think Theresa May appointing a minister for loneliness is a sad indictment of today’s fragmented society.

Yes, loneliness is a problem but the position is a complete nonsense. It’s like the time David Cameron encouraged us to ‘hug a hoodie’.

I suppose it won’t be long before we have ‘minister for hurt feelings’.

There have got to be better ways to combat this issue than wasting money on pointless jobs that waste taxpayers’ money.

These things are better tackled on a community basis from the bottom up rather than the state getting involved muddling the whole thing up in bureaucracy.

But as soon as the position of secretary of state for hangovers becomes available I’ll get my CV straight in.