CLIVESMITH:  A wolf-whistle is surely a compliment, not a hate crime

Imagine the scene. You find yourself serving time in Winchester prison.

Monday, 30th July 2018, 12:29 pm
Updated Friday, 31st August 2018, 4:58 pm
Wolf-whistling: is this really a hate crime?

The conversation with a couple of other inmates goes: '˜What you in for mate?' '˜ABH. You?' '˜Attempted murder. You?' '˜Wolf-whistling.' Sounds funny, but it's a possibility after calls to make wolf-whistling a hate crime. My missus reckons she gets wolf-whistled on occasions (when she walks past the partially-sighted) and it has never upset her. Isn't it a compliment?

Obviously it's a problem if someone follows you down the road '“ that's harassment '“ but not when it's come from up on scaffolding. We'll end up with White Van Men and builders getting banged up all over the place.


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WOLF-WHISTLE: A hate crime?

We need a new referendum: this time on the death penalty

Home Secretary Sajid Javid has said that the Isis Jihadis known as The Beatles because of their British accents can be tried in the USA without the usual '˜no death penalty' insurance. Good.

Usually on matters of extradition assurances on the death penalty are sought. But for once the government seems to have made a correct decision.

These men pledged allegiance to Islamic State so from that moment they were no longer British citizens. They made their choice. That's the end of it.

I just hope there's no U-turn to appease the bleeding hearts. We shall see. Knowing our past record on things like this we'll probably end up paying them compo and put them up in a nice house in the suburbs.

The people moaning about it wouldn't be so vocal if it was one of their relatives who'd been beheaded.

How anyone could defend a person who threw gay people off buildings, tortured, raped and killed innocent women and children is something I really struggle to get my head around. Imagine if it were one of your own. I'd probably press the switch myself. open the trapdoor, drop the guillotine.

At least America has the backbone to do it. If they're also waterboarded for a year at Guantanamo Bay to gather information, so be it. They're not our citizens, they're not our problem. It shouldn't even be an issue.

I've read various comments from people going on about grace and forgiveness. Give me a break. How the hell can you forgive someone for some of the atrocities they've carried out?

The problem with human rights is that they only apply to the perpetrators. Never the victims.

They stopped having human rights when they stopped behaving like humans and acted like animals. A prerequisite of having human rights is being human, isn't it?

We the British people have proved ourselves outstanding when it comes to referendums over the past couple of years, so I think we should have another to bring back the death penalty in this country and trust the voters to make the right decision.


There was a time when we got excited by an autograph

So Love Island has finally finished. Although I can't see the attraction a lot of people do like it. Whatever floats your boat.

My two older daughters have been avid watchers. One of them follows one of the ex-Love Islanders on Instagram. This girl posted a '˜live' comment and my daughter said hello. She said hello back.

'˜She actually said my name dad!' said my daughter. Wow. A '˜celebrity' (cough cough) spoke to her! The excitement for the rest of the evening was quite something. This happened a couple of weeks ago and it's still mentioned now.

How times change. There was a time when you'd get excited by a Jimmy Greaves' autograph.