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After what feels like months of uncertainty, it’s good to know Pompey are finally on the cusp of turning a corner that should secure the club’s future for good.

The question marks hanging over the club’s ongoing ownership have certainly tested the loyalty of fans.

We know many feared their beloved club was in danger of being brought to its knees, but we hope today’s development will feel like a new dawn.

As the Pompey Supporters’ Trust steps into the sunshine, knowing it has been given the go-ahead to buy Pompey, it should feel like a fresh chapter for all concerned.

A club run by the fans for the fans has long been the preferred option of many – but it’s taken a while to get to this point. And, of course, there are still two crucial hurdles to overcome before the deal can truly be considered sealed.

The first – that the Football League will approve PST’s business plan – is unlikely to present a problem. But the High Court must also approve PKF’s plan to sell Fratton Park to the PST at an affordable price and against the wishes of Portpin. We hope Balram Chainrai will now bow out of the race gracefully and pave the way for that to happen.

If Pompey is to become Britain’s biggest community-owned club, all the pieces of this intricate jigsaw puzzle must now slot into place.

Those fans who have already pledged to buy a share in the club must stump up the remaining cash.

And it would be great to see even more supporters come forward now they know PST’s bid has moved a crucial step closer to becoming a reality.

We’ve always known there’s too much pride and history at stake here to see Pompey go under.

You don’t need to be an avid football fan to see how much this club matters to the city.

That’s why this latest development marks the start of an exciting time full of promise and hope.

The hard work starts here – but we’re sure all those involved are more than ready to fight the good fight.