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Is the day of the good old-fashioned nightclub over? Has the trendy bar won the day? If what has happened on the Isle of Wight is anything to go by, the answer is yes.

I wonder how many of you met your other half in a nightclub? It was the place to go to look your finest and meet the person of your dreams (or nightmares for some!)

In London, it’s trendy bars where people now want to party. And on the Isle of Wight, where I was born and grew up, the last of many well-known clubs has closed its doors for the last time.

Bars offer a more intimate experience. You get a chance to chat with friends, meet new people but still have the chance to dance.

It seems we want more opportunities to be sociable rather than be bombarded with a wall of sound and expensive drinks.

Between Christmas and the new year, we met up with friends.

After a lovely dinner in Port Solent, some of the girls wanted to continue and for the first time in ages, we ended up in Tiger Tiger down at Gunwharf.

But what did us thirtysomethings make of the experience? Most of us prefer the more relaxed nature of a bar.

It does seem the nightclub scene caters more for the student. I was also surprised at the treatment we received.

For instance, I was asked for ID, but I would have thought common sense should have prevailed.

I then had to pay £8 just to get in – and got told what side of an empty staircase I should use to get upstairs.

A mixture of very loud music in all of the areas and a smell that seemed like sour milk mixed with aftershave certainly made for an ‘interesting’ evening.

Different rooms offered different types of music, with dance tunes in the club, cheesey ’70s and ’80s stuff in the disco area and, well I’m not too sure what the main Tiger Bar was trying to be.

So what conclusion have I drawn from all of this?

Well, maybe nightclubs are just not interested in trying to attract thirtysomethings.

All I know is that we were certainly happy to leave and now look forward to meeting up at a pub next time.