Collaboration should lead to celebration

THE education of our children is too important to leave just to the teachers.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 2nd May 2017, 6:06 am
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 8:19 pm
Sean says parents should play a role in education
Sean says parents should play a role in education

In the past, whenever you would see a teacher and a child’s parents in a classroom outside of parents’ evening, you might reasonably think the teacher is either complaining or talking about an area of concern they have with the parents’ child.

Today, it is very different. If you see a teacher and a child’s parents outside of parents’ evening, it is more likely to be the parents who are either complaining or expressing a concern they have about the teacher.

Teachers are under more pressure than ever.

They may have come into the teaching profession to teach, but they have discovered extra tasks have been added to their itinerary which they did not expect.

They are now administrators, hygienists, counsellors, ICT technicians, child-minders, public relations experts, social workers and firefighters.

For this reason, expecting teachers to turn our children into little Einsteins is unrealistic, particularly if the children have little or no interest in science.

However, there are ways in which parents and guardians can help their children make the most of their education and achieve their full potential.

Evidence shows children do better when parents are involved.

Parents who make an effort to take an interest in their education by reading to them, creating a learning environment at home, and encouraging them to find subjects they can excel in, makes a real difference.

When parents and guardians take an active interest in their child’s ongoing education they do not take the teacher’s job away – they make the teacher’s job easier by making education a work of collaboration.

Children achieve more – regardless of ethnic or socio-economic background – have better attendance, test scores and grades.

The net result?

Your collaboration could lead to celebration rather than commiseration.

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