Come on lads, pull those trousers up

Don't worry children, it won't hurt a bit...

CLIVE SMITH: Third World War fears from the internet generation

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So, what’s with the baggy crotches, fellas?

One has noticed the odd male celeb cavorting across the goggle-box screen with his trouser crotch down to his knees. And I’ve muttered to myself ‘Blimey, not another ridiculous yoof fashion’.

Just like the six inches too long sweater sleeves that hung below fingertips, making blokes look like orangutans.

Or what about the far too long jeans, that get trodden under shoe heels and end up ripped and filthy.

But for real dedicated followers of fashion there’s the non-hugging hip jeans that frequently expose too much of a bloke’s bottie. Yuck.

Whatever happened to a yummy young man in tight fitting jeans. Much more sexy dear.

Me? I’m off to pop on my flannelette nightie and tartan slippers with the red pom-poms.